Monday, September 29, 2014

Nifty Pre-Market View.

Last Week's candle - Hanging man making its presence & having a follow  up from OB zone.
FII's have net sold in the last Seven days, & big on last four days with a rising VIX...
Week has turned down in overbought zone after -ve divergences.
The number quite relevant is "WEma & WHEma" -8005 & 8104, this changes based on this week's high.
Prices are reversing from the weekly channel top towards the channel bottom.
Prices suggest of:
a) a major correction is underway for the rise from 5933 to 8180 with "A" wave completed at 7925 , "B" done at 8160 and "C" is unfolding .
b) the 4th wave unfolding  for the rise from 7422 & was expected to bottom around 7852-62/ 50 dsma (Break of 7841 would negate this view & it just got saved by a point last week)
c) The rise from 7540 to 8180 is undergoing a correction as long as it holds above 7856-62/ 50 dsma.
Bearish scenario opened below "8055"..
Bullish scenario open only above 8025 & 8105.
For intraday, mild strength if holds above 7903-17, or sustaining 7895, 50dsma..
Major support exist at 7856-62break & close below it would lead to next phase of deeper correction.
(Start your independent walk on this trading journey... you must rely on your own first instinct/ intuition/ observation more than anything else...Hopefully, you'll meet a better companion along the way once again...)


venkatapathy l said...

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marina s rao said...

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Wish all Long life, Good Health, Peace & Wealth.

ankita said...

good morning master.
is it possible C/a finshed 8160 to 7842 ,
C/b finished 7842 to 7993
C/c in progress from 7993 - **** towards 7671 .

marina s rao said...
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Num Char said...

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This same company will never happen again , more to learn ..long way to go !
Need this company longer than ever.

Sonu said...

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rj said...

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Hopefully, you'll meet a better companion along the way once again...) what does this mean sir not feeling fine , is your health fine , please tell......may god bless you with good health...

Manish said...

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You are and you will be there will us all the time.

Raghavendra said...
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Raghavendra said...

Good morning Ilango sir and JN mates..

Was in a movie workshop on "thinking about thinking" last week - Introduced to various kinds of cinema from select languages and film types.

One of the films which i liked and must watch is "SAMSARA by Ron Fricke".

Ron took more than 5 years to make this movie and its of the world around us in still images spanning 25 countries ( except 2 scenes which are his creation). In his own words..the move is "non-verbal, guided meditation".

Would suggest you to watch it when you are free...for a stunning visual experience...

Some of the content may be slightly disturbing..and please use your discretion when watching with your family / kids.

Ganesh IC said...

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