Friday, September 5, 2014

Nifty Pre-Market View.

Hour 9-rsi has almost completed the correction while the Day 9-rsi is in overbought zone with week showing a -ve divergence at the top in "macd chart"(confirmation by this/next week end).
Prices suggest of the minor (v)th unfolding from 8061 with two likely targets -8146, 8165.
And hence, one need to follow the prices with a trailing number(for the rise from 8061).
Prices could get resisted around 8109-21 at open, thus completing a 5 minor waves from 8061 to be followed by a correction; it is this correction which is crucial for the rest of the day for either making new highs or a possible break down.
Alternatively, prices could attempt to move closer to channel bottom/ 34 Hr sma to complete the hr correction around 8055 before reversing.
With the "Trend" intact, prices would continue their trending ways by holding 8067-79.
Bearish scenarios open up only below "8055".
We have tentatively labelled the sub-waves of the move from 7540.
The 5th wave may have started from 7422 or 7540.
Accordingly tentative targets could be (as per 1=5 with 1 as 5933-6777=844):
7422+844=8266  OR
If the sub-waves play out as per the tentative labels, the minor (v)th could reach closer to 8146-65.
Remember, these are tentative labels in shorter t/f which are highly fluid and we should adjust the labels as new price pattern emerges.


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Ilango said...

5 sub-waves done from 8061 to 8123.

As stated in Pre-market, this retrace is critical.

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Ilango said...

A minor correction to the observations.

From 8062, a 5 waves done.

From 8061, 3 waves done..

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Master suggested of weakness below 8055 while OI Pivot at 8053:

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Unknown said...

Sir BNF has retraced 23.6% apprx of its 1st larger rise from 14561 - 15973 at 15973

Unknown said...

i beg your pardon Sir. da rise on BNF from 14571- 15973 and then from 15973 - 16255 seems complete, with BNF NOT having breached 15973

Unknown said...

BNF made a low of 15976

Unknown said...

BNF pattern for the last 3 days has been as follows SIR. 15973 - 16255. 16255 - 15976

Unknown said...

if we follow the FIBO retrace again from 15976 now, a close above 50%fibo @ 16115 would still look a BULLISH sign to me SIR. Would you please ENLIGHTEN

Unknown said...

SIR< I see the the fibos as follows.

20% ( 23.6) = 16031
38% = 16082
50 % = 16115
63% = 16151
80% = 16200
100% = 16255
120% = 16311
i m currently counting this current wave from 15992 SIR

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Anas Ahmed said...

According to the Epic Research's Nifty Pre-Market View, one should SELL BANK NIFTY BELOW 16020 TGT 15980-15920-15820 SL 16070.

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