Thursday, September 4, 2014

Nifty Intraday Update-I


Ilango said...

8142 to 8081 is a 3-wave fall..

Hence, we monitor the fall from 8121 for confirmation of the same.

Holding 8081, a "flat correction" could unfold in the (iv)th wave.

Below 8081, "Flat" disappears & Zigzag comes in.

kumar said...

sir your view on TCS pls

S N said...


Pardon my ignorance. If ZIG ZAG COMES, HOW DO WE TRADE INTRADAY ? Thanks..


FNO HOUSE said...

dear sir 8041-8065 is holding can ivth wave...?

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Bhavir said...

Sir any view on JPASSOCIAT? IT'S been hammered out of shape. With the upmove to 90 showing clear ABC now

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 11:00AM, Pivot-8144, S1-8114, S2-8088, VWAP-8110

Nifty is in red but not much aggressive CE writing seen till now, whereas 8000PE on the verge of crossing 70 lacs, Till now seems like a minor correction to the rally from 7862 to 8142…

Thanks & Regards

Ilango said...

@ S N ,

Sub-waves not clear as "overlapping" remains.

Prices, as long as close above 21 hrsma, obe could attempt buy at our support prices with a SL of days' low.

Hour technicals will rule initially for intraday.

DHEma is the point of struggle.(Also 21 hr sma)

Ilango said...

Nifty Pre-Market View:

Prices are trending up in the middle part of the channel.
With the "Trend" intact, prices would continue their trending ways by holding 8041-65.
Bearish scenarios open up only below "8037".

Ilango said...

I will not be able to give "Stock views" due to time constraints.

ankita said...

In gann wheel this week's closing is showing as 7907.

Prithvi Raulji said...


Thats a sixer,

You gives lots of point in nifty to trade,

But the people find stock to trade

oh god, why they doing that mistake and not concentrate on nifty??

Raghavendra said...

Dear Ilango sir,

Is the move down in BN from yesterday's intraday retrace 16176 to today's low be considered as a 5 wave down ( reference to 5 min chart )

Sonu said...

@ Raghavendra Sir,

Possibility of evening star on Nifty daily chart?

Badri said...

Friends, there seems to be two H&S patterns in RCOM chart. chart attached at Is this chart valid from other perspectives like EW also.

Sonu said...

Broad based selling. Likely to hit new lows today:

But likely to stay above 8000 based on OI

Raghavendra said...

@ Sonu,

Evening star definition :

Need a close below 8070 by EOD to align with the definition.

This week has open - low same. A close between 8015 to 8030 will make a "Shooting star" pattern.

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