Friday, September 12, 2014

Nifty does a weekly deadlock..

Spindle (Weekly) candlestick: A short and small candle body, this pattern is called "spindles", which means dealing with square wrestling contention.
The opening price and the closing price are of only slight movement to the final price which is also the highest and lowest prices.
The buyer or seller is not dominant over the other (to each other), resulting in a deadlock. If the spindle follows a large white candle or a prolonged rally, it means that there is lack of pressure on the buyer, & the market is likely to immediately reverse.


Harsh Mehta said...

Sir, weekly chart is so good and clear. Thanks for sharing.

RishiM said...

How do we get the JNSAR values for crude oil ? I remember it used to be posted by most probably Rajagopal sir ? thanks

siddique said...

Spindle candlestick is a new one for me. Thanks. God bless.

Rajesh Singh said...

I do concur with Harsh. Weekly chart is giving clear market perspective to patrons like me... Thank you and have a nice weekend

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