Monday, September 8, 2014

Nifty,holding on to key averages, regains its lost momentum...

A 5-wave upmove may have started from 7422 or 7540.
Accordingly tentative targets are (as per 1=5 with 1 as 5933-6777=844):
7422+844=8266  OR
Remember that the tentative labels in shorter t/f are highly fluid and hence, we should adjust the labels as the new price pattern emerges.


shriram said...

Good evening master

None of thr internal submotives wud be xtended if NS crosses》8211

How to explain that .? Rgds

anmpatel said...

Why u took 6777?
1st should be 5933 to 6870=937 na?
A/c to this tgt should be(7422+937=8359) or (7540+937=8477).
Is it right?

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