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One of the greatest men who have walked on the earth.... that man has experienced something about which I have been only talking....

Ramakrishna, in the last century, was one of the men who was called paramhansa. The behavior of a paramhansa is utterly mad, but intensely beautiful, and has a depth which even the greatest genius of the mind does not have.
It happened that in Ramakrishna's time... He lived just outside Calcutta, on the bank of the Ganges in a small temple. Bengalis are the most intelligent people in India, mostly intellectual.
Keshav Chandra Sen was a great genius as far as intellect is concerned, and he was a co-founder of a religion, brahmasamaj - the society of the divine.
He was known all over India. Ramakrishna was not known, except to a few people in Calcutta on the riverbank where he lived. He was uneducated, and people thought he was mad -- the people of the mind -- because his behavior was not explainable by mental concepts.
But slowly, slowly his influence was increasing, particularly in Calcutta - which was very close; people could come to see him.
And Keshav Chandra Sen was worried that a villager, uneducated... And even professors of the universities were becoming devotees; they would touch his feet. And whatever he was saying was so ordinary. The man had nothing exceptional. One day finally he decided to go and argue with this man and finish this whole thing.
He went. Hundreds of people who knew Keshav Chandra and a few who knew Ramakrishna, they all gathered to see what would transpire. Ramakrishna's followers were very much afraid, knowing that Keshav Chandra could defeat anybody if it was a question of rationality.
Everybody among the followers was nervous, but Ramakrishna was not. He was again and again asking, "Keshava has not come yet?" He would not use even his whole name: Keshav Chandra Sen. He would say simply, "Keshava has not come yet?"
Finally Keshav Chandra arrived with his great following. Ramakrishna hugged him. Keshav Chandra was not prepared for that. He had come to fight, and he made it clear to Ramakrishna, "These things won't help. I have come to discuss each and every point of your philosophy. Don't try to create a friendship. I have come as an enemy: either you defeat me and I will be your follower, or be ready to become my follower."
Ramakrishna said, "That we will be doing soon - hugging has nothing to do with it! I have always loved you. Whenever I have heard about you and your ideas, that you say there is no God... and I know there is God, but still I enjoy and love you. In fact your great intelligence is proof that existence is intelligent; otherwise from where does intelligence come?
You are a proof to me that God is - but that we will discuss later on. What is the hurry? And there is no need for any enmity. The discussion can be in deep friendship.
"And you know, I am a poor man. I don't know any logic. I have never discussed with anybody. It is going to be a very easy job for you, so you need not be so tense! I have prepared some sweet for you; first take the sweet. I have prepared it with much love. And then you can start your so-called discussion."
Keshav Chandra was finding it a little difficult. The man was strange; he offered him a sweet, he hugged him. He had already destroyed the animosity, the aggressiveness - in a very subtle way, without saying a word. And strangest of all, he says that my presence - that is, Keshav Chandra's presence - is enough proof of God, there is no need of other proof. Without God how is such intelligence possible? The world would be dead. The world is intelligent, and God is nothing but the intelligence of existence.
After taking his sweet, Ramakrishna said, "Now you start your game!" And Keshav Chandra was arguing against whatever he had found in Ramakrishna's small books - his followers collected his sayings and stories, anecdotes from his life. And Ramakrishna would enjoy it, and would say to his followers, "Look how beautifully he has criticized it!" And many times he would stand up and hug him and say, "You are a genius! Your criticism is perfect."
Keshav Chandra said, "I have not come here to get your approval; I have come to argue." Ramakrishna said, "I don't see there is any question of argument. You are the proof. I don't need to give any other proof; I can take you to the whole world as a proof that God exists - Keshav Chandra is the proof!"
Keshav Chandra had never come across such a man, and what he was saying had immense significance; it was penetrating Keshav Chandra's heart. And the presence of the man, and the way he behaved, his lovingness... Something happened to Keshav Chandra that his followers could not believe.
By the end of the discussion, Ramakrishna said, "You tell me who is defeated and who is victorious, and I will follow it. If you are victorious, I will become your follower. But I don't know the ways of discussion and I don't know the judgment. You judge; you are efficient enough to make the judgment. You can say to me, `You are defeated,' and I am defeated."
And Keshav Chandra's followers were shocked to see that Keshav Chandra fell at the feet of Ramakrishna. They could not believe their eyes! When they had gone, everybody was asking, "Keshav Chandra, what happened to you?"
He said, "I don't know. One thing is certain, that that man has experienced something about which I have been only talking. I can talk efficiently, but he has it; he radiates it. I have that much intelligence at least to see the aura of the man, to feel the radiance of his love, to see his simplicity, sincerity; to see his trust, that he says to me that, `You decide, and if I am defeated...'
And he has not argued at all. How can you defeat a person who has not argued at all? On the contrary, he was appreciating my criticism and he was telling his disciples, `Listen, this is the way a thing should be criticized.'
"And as I was sitting by his side, slowly, slowly something melted in me -- the antagonism, the aggressiveness. And this is the first time this has happened with anybody. People think he is mad, but if he is mad, then I would like also to be mad. He is far superior to our so-called sanity."
Outside India he would have been in a mad asylum because in the West madness is madness; there are no two categories. In India he became almost a divine being, a god, because people realized, slowly, slowly, that he looks irrational but there is something divine in his irrationality.
He had been doing things from his very childhood. His family was worried -- what is going to happen to this child? People suggested - as it is customary in India and in other countries too - that it will be good to marry him so he will forget all about God and all about meditation and will become engaged in worldly affairs. But they thought that he would refuse -- and that would have been the ordinary expectation. But he was a madman; he does not follow your expectations.
When his father asked, fearing that he is going to say no, Ramakrishna said with great joy, "Yes! But where is the girl?"
They said, "This boy is mad! This is not the right way. He is so ready... immediately! And he is asking, `Where is the girl? To whom am I going to be married? Do it soon!'"
Just in a nearby village, another village, he was taken on a particular day to see the girl. And in India this is the way: the girl will come with some sweets to put on your plate, and that's the only moment you can see her - just for a moment - and decide.
When he was going to see his future wife, his mother had given him three rupees, just in case he needs them. When the girl came with the sweets, he looked at the girl, took out his three rupees and put them at her feet, touched her feet and said, "Mother, you are the right girl. I am going to marry you."
His father said, "You idiot, you don't understand that nobody calls his wife mother.
But everybody knew that he was a little eccentric - first putting those three rupees at the feet of the girl... everybody was shocked. And then touching her feet and telling the girl then and there, "Mother, you are really beautiful. I am going to marry you - it is settled."
But just by a very strange coincidence, the whole family of the girl wanted to deny this marriage because they said, "This boy is mad, and if he is starting this way what will happen in their married life nobody knows." But the girl, Sarada Devi, insisted that if she will marry anybody, she will marry this man.
He was a beautiful man. So the family had to decide for the marriage. The marriage happened; they lived together their whole life. Ramakrishna continued to call her mother. There was never any husband-wife relationship between them. On the contrary...
In Bengal they worship the mother goddess, Kali. So in those days when they worship the mother goddess all over Bengal - and in other places also, wherever Bengalis are in India... they are the only people in India left who still conceive of God as a mother.
In those days, every year he would put Sharda, his wife, on a throne and worship her -- just as the statue of the mother goddess is in the temples. He would not go to the temple; he would say, "When I have a living mother with me, why should I go and worship a stone statue?"
Anybody will say this is madness, sheer madness. But in so many ways his madness cannot be categorized with that of other mad people. His madness is beyond mind, not below mind. Each of his statements is of tremendous importance, simple but full of meaning.
Just like a villager, he tells small stories. But those stories are so beautiful that you can get out of them much more meaning than out of a whole scripture. And his life... if you watch carefully, you will find that he is not an ordinary man; he is superhuman.
One day Ramakrishna and his followers are passing the Ganges in a boat and suddenly in the middle he starts crying, "Don't beat me! I have not done anything wrong. Why are you beating me?" And tears started flowing.
And his people said, "Nobody is beating you - what are you doing?" Even his own followers once in a while suspected that he was insane, because they were only followers. Nobody was beating him, and he was crying. And they could see from his face that he was being whipped very badly.
And he said, "You don't believe me? Just look at my back." They removed his clothes and they could not believe it: there were so many lines, blood oozing; he had been whipped badly. They could not believe... what to make of it? This man is mad and he is making his followers mad.
But when they reached the other shore, they found a man who had been beaten, and there was a crowd. And they looked at his back and they were surprised: the marks of the beating were exactly the same on both Ramakrishna's and this man's back.
Such oneness of feeling, that when somebody else is being beaten - innocently, he has not done anything -- Ramakrishna becomes part of that person, they become one.
This is not madness, this is a tremendous experience, a man of Himalayan heights... And although he was not a preacher, not a scholar, in everything that he says you can find the insight of the greatest men who have walked on the earth.


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What is obvious is difficult to accept. To see the source beyond colours of a rainbow needs wisdom. Life has its own dynamics - fact or nt. good day

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Swami Ramkrishna Paramhans is just another name of 'BHAKTI'.
Very much obliged to read this post master......
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Thank You for the timely post more surprising that it has been said by OSHO nevertheless I wish to mention in this context that RAMAKRISHNA PARAMHANSA was the spiritual guru who led Swami Vivekananda to his Karmayoga, after who's name he founded Ramkrishna Mission. Timely as a few days back only we celebrated his birth anniversary.

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great article on swami ramakrishna paramahansa ilango ji ! very inspiring indeed !

sometimesbullsometimesbear said...

What India needs...
What Vedic culture needs.
What modern day Hindus need...


Most Hindus worship out of fear / insecurity / or because they want something....The selfless loving devotion is sadly missing....even though the Vedic religion and offshoots from it as well as Vedic cults teach Love of God.

Look at the noise inside temples...even when an aarti is going on ...people keep chatting talking jump about....the sanctity and seriousness is missing.

Look at the way volunteers or security personnel shout and keep pushing devotees who come for darshan at well known Hindu places of worship.....We are so LOST and in such a SPIRITUAL MESS.....

Go into a CHURCH and see the pin drop silence all the time!!!! I think the same is inside a mosque (except that they hv the loudspeaker problem on their rooftops).

If u ask a catholic...he will say Jesus loves all...or The Father in heaven loves us all...

If u ask a Hindu..he will say if u do this...God will do this to u...or Nag devta will do this to u....or some or the other Demi God or Devi or kuldevta or whatever wil do this to u.....

Nobody talks about Love and nobody even understands it....

We have forgotten what the great masters said...including Sri Ramakrishna.....

There was only one Jesus Christ ...only one Prophet Muhammad.....

But we have had thousands of such great Masters in our land...but yet ....we are so IGNORANT....

Anonymous said...

@ sometimesbullsometimesbear

You are so ignorant...

sometimesbullsometimesbear said...

LOLLL........Anon..... Of course I am ignorant...which is why I am here on this learn...ROFL>>>:):)...Thanku....

But I guess u tho r ignorant of ur PATERNAL PARENTAGE (Check the Websters dictionary for the meaning if it does not sink into ur thick skull)..... which is why u appear as anonymous and do not have a proper name for urself.......LOLLL....

SANPOT said...

Thank you Ilango Sir.

rajiv malik said...

Go beyond science, into the region of metaphysics. Real religion is beyond argument. It can only be lived, both inwardly and outwardly.
-- Swami Sivananda (1887-1963), founder of Divine Life Society

rajiv malik said...

We must learn from Lord Sun how he fulfills his dharma. Sun does not go on vacation. He does not do any discrimination and he does not have any expectation.

Shaileshkumar Mehta said...

Heart full of great fullness to you after reading this post.

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