Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Nifty breaks out tentatively & rewards the "Now" traders..


sony victor said...

Two patterns which i am eyeing on.

Anonymous said...

i think still false break out.

RS said...
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RS said...

Not a convincing action...there was a gap in nifty futures at 6365.10 which has been filled exactly (High being 6366) and Nifty didn't break 6358. Also, Nifty Future broke today's range (at 6338) around 2:40 pm I guess but the followup action didn't look convincing.....Psychologically, people might have gone long around 6330 NS anticipating a breakout. Dunno why. looks like a clear bull trap. Monthly Stochs and Half Hourly Stochs aren't convincing for an upmove. Lets see what is in store. CNXIT exhausted, Bank Nifty pretty weak. How much can Nifty go up (if it can)

rajiv malik said...

menaka doshi ‏@menakadoshi
Uday Kotak to @CNBCTV18News - "when things are so calm in davos that means a storm maybe coming!"

Varadarajulu Venkatesan said...

Dear Master

Please change JNSAR values for NIFTY50 stocks in Stock Wealth. It shows yesterday's values.

Thanks & Regards

Anonymous said...

If some one watched the pre market action of nifty today, please educate.

Ram said...

Big W (or is it +ww) pattern on eod nifty spot charts with possible point 5 being 6415 is broken? is it still valid?

Sudhakar said...

Ilango sir

Could you please correct the Jnsar numbers at Nifty50 table in Stock Wealth for 23-01-2014.

Thanks in advance

Vasantrao Pawar said...

Where can I find the table u mentioned.

rajiv malik said...

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Ilango said...

@ Varadarajulu Venkatesan,

JNSAR values for NIFTY50 stocks in Stock Wealth updated.

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