Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Nifty Intraday Update-I


amber said...

Sir ILango ji charan vandan sir wishing you and your family a Happy New year and good morning everyone

shiva said...

Respected Ilango Sir, and all friends. Wishing you happy new year..
my regards..

Sudhakar said...

Ilango sir and Blog Mates

Very warm greetings on the occasion of New Year 2014.

shriram said...


An indulgent request.. to seek knowledge on this 1st day of the New year :-)

Pl share some thing on practical EW today.. how do u generally segeregate Extended 1,3,5 in an impulse pls, ?

i.e as the wave evolves wot catches ur eyes 1st, in the fractals ?

R.S. SUNDARAM said...

Dear Ilango sir and all friends : Wish you and your family a happay and prosperous 2014. Sundaram

sudharsan said...

Good Morning Master And Friends.. Wish you and your family a happay and prosperous New year

gauresh59 said...

Namasthe ilango sir and friends,

Wishing you all Happy New Year 2014.

We look forward to you all….
A year of wonderful happiness….
A year of good health….
A year of great success….
A year of incredibly good luck….
A year of continuous fun…..
A year of world peace….

durga said...


Muthu Thamizhini said...

EW Expert,

If it is C wave down after this B, what would be the maxium possible and minimum possible? I am asking this to formulate some option strategies..

However futures will follow JNSAR

Chetna Jethi said...

good morning, sir !
wish you and everyone a very happy new year!

D.S.SASAN said...

Good Morning Sir and Bros.& Sis's.

satheesh said...

Namaste Sir and all,

Wishing you all a very very happy and prosperous new year 2014 :)

Ilango said...

Hi.. shriram,

Elliott wave with Macd has shown that "a combination of TA with EW" produces confident results.

TA & EW compliment each other. When EW is unclear, TA shows the way and vice versa.

At the same time, when something looks very obvious, refer the "other" which would show the underlying changes.

The current corrective scenario could be handled best with TA and a bit with EW.

vishnu said...

Respected Master
Sadar Charan Sparsh avam nav varsha ki hardik shubhkamnaye.

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 11:00AM, Pivot-6358, R1-6377, S1-6336, VWAP-6356

Another range bound low volume day till now with small addition, Sell the Resistance, Buy the Dips continues for the time being…

Thanks & Regards

Prithvi Raulji said...

@Master and my family,

Lots of Lots of Lots of happy new year and pay lagu,pranam,Jay mataji

marina s rao said...

GM Master & all Blogmates.

Wish U all a happy. profitable & peaceful Year 2014

Have a profitable day

shriram said...


Many thanks :-)

Also, how to use MACD to identify ZZ, FLATS & CTs / EDs ?? wot is the MACD signature generally in those moves... ?

Parminder said...

Master ilango and friends,
Good morning to all
Wish a New Year filled with peace, prosperity and happiness under the guidance of Master always

dharmu mishra said...

respected shriram sir
a very happy new year request..
to seek knowledge on this 1st day of the New year

sir what r the initial changes on fractals which you observe to make your decisions sir
pls share something special sir which enhances knowledge of EW and TA for followers like who follow you
thanks in advance

Muthu Thamizhini said...

Fight for hour JNSAR is on

Richard Dias said...

Little keys open big locks, simple words reflect great thoughts,your smile can cure heart blocks, so keep smiling it rocks.
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 to all the JN folks. Richard

shriram said...

@ Dharmu:

My philosophy is loosely based on Master's teaching & a bit of learning from old SELF INFLICTED BURNS. EW labeling: if done with EGO / attachment is = MIND MADNESS.
EW is a Super tool, but needs TREMENDOUS MIND BALANCE & DISSOLUTION OF EGO to use

Rules that i try to follow:
1. When price trades & closes > HiEMA (on that T/f, Hr , Day , Wk), the wave is Hi-porb IMPULSIVE (can be w1,w3,w5 or "A" or "C".. depending on place in trend

2. Practical EW wise --> 50% impulses have extd. w3, 30% --> w5 & 20% --> extnd w1s

3. OTM Options OI + NF OI expands hugely with IMPULSIVE MOVES (or liquidation can happen too if main Futrz position was not HEDGED with OTM Options, hv to be careful in interpreting here)

4. MACD signature for Impulses

5. SSTO / RSI for ABCs

6. Combine all to with channels & Fibbo & try to SPOT PATTERNS & Hi-prob ENTRY Pts

7. Fixed SL , Fixed Lots, preferably OTM option writing wid hard SL 20pts, always play the larger patterns as we want min R:R = 1:2 (so 40pts return should be visible before PATTERN ENTRY)

Rest follow one & only Master ilango & pray to wave Gods :-)

amit9765 said...

Dear Ilango sir & friends
Wish you all a very happy new year 2014 !!

akki_tank007 said...

Wish you a Happy & Prosperous New Year sir and all blogmates

abhishek patel said...

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Raghavendra said...

Dear Ilango sir,

Thanks for reloading the BN charts.
On a side note : Today's charts and TT on Nifty are a little brighter than previous days - quite clearer now

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