Friday, January 10, 2014

Nifty Intraday Update-I


Ilango said...

@ Prabhat,

For ""Longsd", the SL should be "6153".

SKS said...

@ Illango Sir

1st Hr NS high recorded is 6158.90


SKS said...

@ Illango Sir

TT shows 10:00 am high as 6179; high made was 6186.
Pl. check

SKS said...


If anybody is trading on Zerodha platform, Pl. confirm 1st hr NS day high

Raghavendra said...

@ sks,

First hour high is 6185.9.

Reference NSE website :

SKS said...

@ Raghavendra

But in TT table it is 6179?

Prabhat said...

@master: Any +ve divergences spotted in hourly chart? I am keeping 6207 NF to be my SL for other shorts.

Prabhat said...

Correction: Shall I keep 6207NF as SL for other shorts?

Raghavendra said...

@ SKS,

Ilango sir..will make the change in 11 AM TT update...Impacts only the developing high ema's..


SKS said...

@ raghavendra


BT said...

Markets indeed seem to have made the diagonal fall from 6356 to 6139. No truncation of 5th wave (even that got well sub-divided and made new low today)

Views welcome.

Raghavendra said...

@ Itrade for profit and M,

Try this ICICI direct link :

Its working for me.

shriram said...

GM Master & JN Family,

A nice reversal Bar forming , to warm bull hearts .. :-)

Still needs EOD close > 6201 to stake serious claim, lets c. Have a gr8 trade day !

ITradeForProfit Daily said...


Yes, the latest trade taken is on icicidirect. Thanks.

Ilango said...

6140 to 6202, a 5-wave done.

6171 6164 ... is 50%-61.8% retrace of the last rise from …… 6140 to 6202

80% is - 6152

If strength to return again, it should be around 6171 6164

Weakness gets confirmed Below 6164 OR 6152

Sonu said...

@Ilango Sir,

The min target (in case of shallow correction as per yesterday's pre-market) of 6073 still on the cards?

Ilango said...

@ Sonu,

It depends on the "current rise from 6140".

There are two ways of looking at a Flat correction from 6415.
a=c or (6073)

a x .618= c (6181)

Minimum is achieved; Equality is not done. If stays below 6280(approx), it may attempt the second target.

AimNifty said...


Any changes to EW labels on hourly charts that you have earlier posted?

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 11:00AM, Pivot-6183, R1-6205, R2-6226, VWAP-6189

Better than expected result in Infy, kept the index from going down with PE writers coming back for the time being, Strength stays above 6192NF…

Thanks & Regards

Ilango said...

@ AimNifty,

There are few ST labels for the fall from 6358.

6358 to 6171 as "i"
6171 to 6225 as "ii.a"
6225 to 6140 as "ii.b"
6140 to xxxx as "ii.c"


6358 to 6171 as "a";
6171 to 6225 as "b"
6225 to 6140 as "c" with an ED.


6358 to 6145 as "a";
6145 to 6192-6140-xxxx as "b" in progress
xxxx to xxxx - "c" after completion of "b".

Whenever many EW possibilities appear, wait for clarity and use other studies to trade if there are clarities in them.

nakshatra said...

Sir NS is near JNSAR is right to go short at CMP......?

Aly said...

critical resistance levels for today:

6217 - upper trendline of parallel channel connecting 6145-6140 and 6222-6217

6243-6245 - trendline connecting 5701 and 5973 lows

vishnu said...

Respected Sir

herry said...

dear sir morning said reistance 6222-25 sell on rise....can ...?

vishnu said...

JNSAR hit in buying zone also as per ATR.

herry said...

dear sir morning said 6222-6225 is resistance for sell on rise....?

Chetna Jethi said...

5 waves from the lows of the day???

Muthu Thamizhini said...

What time IIP data to be released?

Kiran said...

Volumes are picking up...

AimNifty said...

Thanks Master for showing all possibilities. It was getting confusing for me. As you rightly said... let the market show us the path and we will follow.

SKS said...

@ raghavendra

JNSAR Long side Trigerred right??

herry said...

dear sir morning said 6222-6225 sell on rise you

SKS said...

@ Raghavendra

JNSAR Long trigerred and approaching filter of -20??

Ilango said...

@ herry,

Market has moved from the support zone of "6130-41" to resistance zone of "6222" which is based on our Pre-Mkt study.

Now new technicals are unfolding... which would depend on how the correction takes supports at key emerging support levels.

anand said...

SAR Triggerd !
Now 6140-6222 range to be watched..should hold 38% initially at 6191 for up move to sustain or reversal confirmation? Also its 50 DMA !

anand said...
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Prabhat said...

@Experts: Has JNSAR long triggered @6221? If yes, then is JNSAR - 20 = 6201 the SL?

Kindly inform.

Squander Star said...

Master said

6358 to 6171 as "a";
6171 to 6225 as "b"
6225 to 6140 as "c" with an ED..

Ed? Whats this please

Sonu said...

Thanks Ilango Sir.

No clear direction emerging on Nifty with 3 EW counts and:
1) Bullish: Bullish Option Table, JNSAR trigger long
2) Bearish: Sell on Rise continues, Nifty reverse from Pre-market resistance 6222

FIIs are net sellers for the week until yesterday and markets are flat (for the week). could it be a trap for retail investor?

Squander Star said...


may i know whats ED pls

BT said...

ED = ending diagonal

Varun Manocha said...

@Squander .. ED is ending diagnol

Prabhat said...

As stated OI table now turning bullish... Very tough to relate this to mkt movements since they are so volatile & may move any direction anytime. Hence best is to rely on Master's jnsar.

@All: Has jnsar triggered?

Squander Star said...

@BT & Varun

thanks a lot

shriram said...

see how the 6K PE price has metled vis a vi ysday @ 3:25 pm ...

anmpatel said...

just do it!!
keep sl of tom jnsar-20.

anand said...

NS high till 12 was 6222.75 ! Now you may decide if SAR was triggered or Not.
Master has been advising to take own decisions and not wait from other fools..
Even if you follow 10SAR, it has been triggered (Confirmed at 6209-6210) ..But I can relate to your hesitation. Have been there- taking late entries and then getting whipsawed even with normal retracements..

Sorry- but no preaching here. Just sharing my experience. Sorry if I sounded rude or offensive.

Prabhat said...

@Anand: No offenses taken buddy. I can see that high was 6222 but was asking just keeping whipsaws in mind. In case of whipsaws, its not just the SL, but also the brokerage that affects. Hence I asked. Anyways, I will wait for the next upmove to cross 6222 before going long. As of now, I have not yet taken long @6221.

anand said...

Vix also melting down by 2.5% , now <16 !
Lower boundary saved by bulls at 6130 now tell them to break 6225. Mates are waiting...
anmpatel would sedate bears now after their growlings for 10 days :-)

Prithvi Raulji said...

Weekly Trend Down,

Crane Strategy on Weekly

Sell on rise on Weekly

Today Last day of week than sell on rise

shriram said...

@ Anand:

Holding St.34DEMA @ 6201 & above 6221.30 NS prev Swing Hi,
bulls will try to hit the next Overhead Candle Res Cluster 6268-70 ...

Good levels to watch out

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