Friday, January 24, 2014

Nifty Intraday Update-II


Avi Panda said...

re posting-
Madam targets are based on FIB Ratios?
How to arrive?

GV said...

i missed to short @ jnsar. what to do ? pls guide how to catch jnsar when market moves fast?

Trader Junkie said...

@GV use retraces to enter - like the one right now we got to 6290. strategy wise retraces are more likely to be good entries if you ahve missed a breakout.

Nifty Trader said...

Nifty 9 day rsi is taking a beating today and is now @ 50 from 75 yesterday.

Trader Junkie said...

@ GV especially retraces that run into resistances at 50% and 61% - those are likely to yeild a good trade in the direction of the trend. Trend right now in the "NOW" being down

Nifty Trader said...

6260 is 20 DMA & Middle Bollinger Band. Low till now is 6269 lets see if any fall comes.

shriram said...


Thank u :-)

sony victor said...

Dear Sir,

i 6356 - 6341 (15)

ii 6342 - 6251 (9)

iii 6351 - 6299 (52)

iv 6299 - 6332 (33)

v 6332 - 6269 (63)


i 6356 - 6299 (57)

ii 6299 - 6332 (33)

iii 6332 - 6269 (63)

iv 6269 - 6289 (20)

v 6289 - 6280*** targetting 6240-50

Alt. view

A new set of waves as ABC/12345 from 6269.

Ofcourse price would confirm the scenario.

Raghavendra said...

Dear Ilango sir and All,

Nifty pattern from Dec 9th - till date resembles pattern similar to the one back in 2012 from Feb 23rd to April last week. In both the cases the "triangle" was built after a 1000+ point rally spread over 2.5 months time.

Initially , it looked like a "contracting triangle" and then morphed into a "descending triangle" and meeting the descending triangle target eventually in May - June.

There was an abandoned baby at the middle of the pattern too.

Significant difference exits in TA part - back in 2012 , Feb close was below MHEMA and this time around Dec close is above MHEMA.

Let me know your views.


satheesh said...

@ avi panda - are you asking me?

If you are mentioning about harmonic ratios then yes it is based on fibo numbers.

sometimesbullsometimesbear said...

Sometimes it is pongal ....sometimes this...sometimes that....

If u love $$$$$...u cannot afford to MISS.........

If u MISS......then u know what the Mrssssssss wil do........:):):)

Share & Be Sure said...

Interestingly, most of the EW alternatives in the chart indicate possibly a huge upside after current fall terminates in next couple of days

Ilango said...

@ Share & Be Sure,

There is (2) targeting 6231-43, to start the (3)rd.

There is "E" targeting 6165-85, to start the 3rd.

These are the two ST bullish scenarios.

Keeping below 6356 (or 6415), 2nd/B wave completed, "3rd/C wave" targeting 200dsma.

Based on current FII flows, low VIX readings and TAs of higher T/F, bullishness remains upto 6165.

Ganesh IC said...

Hi Shriram/ S4S,

I am trying to learn WW patterns, and need your guidance.

Can we consider one -WW pattern (based on last 6 days hourly chart) as below:

Point 1 : 6358 (2nd Jan)
Point 2 : 6140 (10th Jan)
Point 3 : 6347 (16th Jan)
Point 4 : 6243 (20th Jan)
Point 5 : 6356 (completed yesterday)
Point 6 : to reach by next week (1-4 line points toward sub 6200 target, near "E" as per Ilango sir's chart).

Am I correct in this analysis.

Ram said...

Avi Panda do look Hr chart for those levels rather day chart.

Karthik said...

Am not that good a reader of TA tools. Can anybody share their view point of whether there is a chance of retracing tracking European market's mild positiveness and close above 6300 today?

shriram said...

@ Ganesh IC:

in a -WW, pt 3 has to be > pt1. pl


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