Monday, January 13, 2014

Nifty Intraday Update-I


gauresh59 said...

Namasthe ilango sir and friends,

Today’s quote received :

Golden words written on world best university HARVARD:

"If Not you then who?
If Not here then where?
If Not now then when?"

gauresh59 said...

Happy Lohri
May this festival of zeal and verve
fill your life with lots of energy and enthusiasm
and may it help you bring happiness and prosperity
to you and your loved ones.
Happy Lohri

herry said...

dear sir saport laval..?this move..?

Prakash-Pol said...

OI experts please look into feb-series OI table

raghava said...

6300 put above 106 strong.

Prakash said...

OI experts please say something about this.

Prakash said...
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Prakash said...

durga said...

@ prakash,
Didnt yu read saturday discourse by Master?
Why yu want
complex analysis? Follow TT/jnsar

shriram said...

@ Prakash:

Anwer to ur query.. still 14 sessions to go to complete Jan series (incl. today's).
So, better to focus on Jan OI . the Feb data is too small , max OI is 10lacs, which is too low

Currently 63/64 CEs have still not unwound in face of the bounce... CE writer seem confident of holding these as of now (or they may hve shorted the CEs as a hedge to Long Futurz)

GV said...

today i didnot trade with JNSAR. because of my loss yesterday.just a small hesitation. now shall i wait for short@6207?

Squander Star said...


has 5 waves been done on the rise from 6140 -6259

Prakash said...

Thanks Shriram Ji And Durga

SKS said...

@ GV

try buying around 6230-6227 with SAR @ 6207

GV said...

when jnsar trigger short@NS 6207, NF may be 6227. so i buy NS or NF rate?

GV said...

ok ji... i will buy NF at 6227/6230.

shriram said...

@ Squander

From 6140 its a NO... from 6162-6259 NS.. thats seeming like 1 5wave done today morn

SKS said...

@ GV

JNSAR rate is always spot. check if NS breaks 6227. if it goes to 6207, then short NF when NS is 6207. If it comes back from 6227 buy NF when NS crosses 6227

Madhav said...

In last 5 Minutes 63 CE OI Down By 3 lakh

GV said...

oh i see...thanks sir...i made mistaken

shriram said...

@ Madhav,

yes happened just now, isnt it ?

Good, then if Dev.DhiEMA -20pts i.e 6217-37 NS holds, Bulls may launch an attack on 6300 NS :-)

Time for sapaad , Bon appetit !

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 1:00PM, Pivot-6201, R1-6246, R2-6314, VWAP-6247

6200PE Writers had made it Large, but the 6300CE writers still holding, need to see who gives away till EOD, Advantage Bulls….

Thanks & Regards

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