Thursday, October 16, 2014

Prices opened into resistances at open, broke "7850" to reach 100dsma...Know the direction...know the retracement..


Manish said...

You deserve Salute Master !!!

Prakash Tamilnadu said...

Master can we expect a bounce from 100 dsma?

kumar k said...

Ilango sir,
is this correct?
Month 12345 ABC

week ((i))((ii))((iii))((iv))((v)) ((a))((b))((c))

Day (i)(ii)(iii)(iv)(v) (a)(b)(c)

hour i ii iii iv v ab

mynac said...

Dear Prakash,
1)From trading point of view the possibility of 20-25 points bounce in first trading half tomorrow cannot be rule out,nevertheless new low up to 7700 would be need of the hour for sustainable up-move from here,if any.
2) NF is already trading far below 100 DSMA i.e.7824.75
3) @ 2.50 PM today, when it went below that 7825,we witnessed free fall is the history...just have a look @ the huge difference close & last hr.jnsar...which is very rare...So one may think over & wait for the HrJnsar to come in line with Hr.close.GN

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