Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Nifty Intraday Update-I


brijsolution said...

Hitendra Gm...

imp thing is BN should not come down below 16300..

This is so so imp if today or tomorrow 16300 break then good selling can see.

So next two days so imp for this breakout.

marina s rao said...

Day Low : 7889.85 Day High : 7933.85 Range : 44 Points Day Pivot : 7881 Hr. Pivot : 7913

NS more than Half a Century below OK ( Octa Kilo = 8000).

Currently hovering around 7932.

NS Half a Century above Day Pivot @ 7881 & Hr. Pivot @ 7913 indicating BULLISHNESS.

NS in BAH mode in Hr. T/F & in Day T/F.

Weakness returns below Hr. HEma @ 7899.

BAH = Buy And Hold

Sai kadam said...

from where should i get live chart ?

marina s rao said...

Sai kadam ji,

Try this link :


anand said...

Good Morning !
NS has reacehd the resistance zone 7920-30 and fighting goes on. Should hold Open lows/Yesterday close for momentum after the pullback?
38% retrace of 7857-7934 comes at 7905 around dev DHEMA. So retrace till that level is acceptable? Can give chance for entries?

ITradeForProfit Daily said...

Nifty stalling in ND Sir's ATR Sell Zone

marina s rao said...
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anand said...

Where are the Doctors and Rocket Scientists (aka anmpatel and Shriram) this Diwali?
Missing HA numbers and Shriram's bell curve maths... :-)

Hope they are busy for good reasons....!

marina s rao said...

Followers of JNSAR :

Day Low : 7889.85 Day High : 7933.85 Day Range : 44 points

NS trading Half a Century aBove Today'S JNSAR @ 7860.

Half a Century above Hr. JNSAR @ 7876.

Longs initiated around 7872 Y'day may continue with partial Profit booking / Strict SL @ 7842.

NS nearly Half a Century above Day's pivot @ 7881.

NS currently hovering around 7930.

Note : As JNSAR turned long Y'day, Whipsaws r unlikely.

Strict SL is a must for all trades whether Short or Long.

chetas said...


Can you give me NT sir ATR sell zone & break out level. Thanks

ITradeForProfit Daily said...


Checkout http://niftyrange.in

vishnu said...

Very Good morning to Master and Blogmates,

NT sir ATR sell zone & break out level-
Previous close : 7,879.40

Last traded price : 7,930.10

Buy Zone : From 7826.4 to 7799.9

Breakdown below : 7794.6 (stop loss for intraday longs)

Breakdown target : 7775.5

Sell Zone : From 7932.4 to 7958.9

Breakout above : 7964.2 (stop loss for intraday shorts)

Breakout target : 8048.85

vishnu said...


chetas said...

Thanks ITFPD & vishnu

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 11:00AM, Pivot-7906, R1-7931, R2-7965, VWAP-7936

Highly Bullish Environment for the time being, with the CE writers covering en-mass, All Dips towards 7915 NF is a buy…

Thanks & Regards

Prabhanshu Raman said...

Sir, waves sub dividing or 5 completed at 7934 from 7724?

All, +ww which triggered at 7766, now its 1-4 tgt line is at 8050+

Social Media Earthworm said...

Prabhanshu sir , after your self analysis on this blog and Master's exemplary comment commentary ( on bhel and tata motors .. around 2 months back ) , your study is yielding great results . Shriram sir always use to mention that biggest gain comes from patterns .. so many of them +WW , -WW , harmonics .. give a good long term snapshot .. keep on doing a great work ... Hope we take it as study as some of the pattern will fail for sure as markets have their own mind

brijsolution said...

Sir .. below 7900 more weakness will see.

ITradeForProfit Daily said...

Nifty gives up 40 points from ND Sir's ATR Sell Zone.

Strength only above 7910 now.

Prabhanshu Raman said...

Thanks Social...

Seeems 5 done at 7934. Now 7724-7934 retrace is imp.
EW wise, if 8180-7724 is A then B will be in 3 waves as abc. Seems, a done at 7934 drom 7724 in 5 waves. b will be in 3 sub waves again which might have started from 7934...

brijsolution said...

As simple on charts looks below 7900 weakness will cont,,

1. Hourly SAR.

2. Hourly Low ema

3. Day High ema

4. 20 DMA as resistance


marina s rao said...

Day Low : 7883.65 Day High : 7933.85 Range : 50 Points Day Pivot : 7881 Hr. Pivot : 7927

NS more than a Century below OK ( Octa Kilo = 8000).

Currently hovering around 7891.

NS just above Day Pivot @ 7881 & below Hr. Pivot @ 7927 indicating INDECISION

NS in SOR mode in Hr. T/F & in Day T/F.

Weakness CONTINUES below Hr. HEma @ 7911.

SOR = Sell On Rises

Prabhanshu Raman said...

7934-7883 is of 5 waves and it cud be a of b. b of b may be the retrace of last fall and then final c to complete b.

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