Friday, October 31, 2014

Nifty Intraday Update-II


Ashok said...

thanks for your view & tgt.

Ilango said...

@ Sonu,

2 Hour low strategy works reasonably well in a trending market and at the extreme points it adds to the reversal conviction.

Individual stocks and Indices behave differently based on the "Volume of participation". More the participation, patterns & technicals work well.

I Trade 4 Profit Daily said...

Reposting ....

Just wanted to humbly accept one of the things that I learned here and here only.

Noting various WW experts over here and their observations and accuracy, I tried to pick up one for myself and could identify a point 5 of a +WW on the daily chart on 16th Oct at the low of 7730. The next day when Nifty made a slightly lower low and surpassed 7730 on the upside, the +WW triggered for me. I went long on call options with a investment of 6000 and a 20 point stop loss.

The targets were around 8240 within next 10 trading sessions. We had only 8 till expiry by then.

That 6000 investment turned into a whopping 26000 yesterday on expiry.

Where else would I have been able to pick up this trick of the trade than on this blog?

rock said...

Justnifty blog is temple for me.ilango sir is.god for me.

anand said...

Cheers...! Good to see old students posting and keeping this place LIVE !
Many would be happy to see your post ! Other than your alarm for ND Sir's ATR.. ;-) hehehe...

Good that you made the trade with YOUR OWN Conviction and SL.
No once can take your losses ...and gains too....we need to accept that.

Though you have posted a trade here....(Not allowed by Master) I hope this is timely... for many of us who are still struggling to catch hold of things and yet to make money from various great studies shared here.
Cheers again...Your Diwali celebration continues. :-)

and I promise... No more gyaan posts from me...for some time.

Sonu said...

Thanks master,
While applying 2-hr rule, should we keep SL as the 2-hr high or something else?

Ilango said...

Holding "8268", approx is intraday correction(Flat) to resume upmove again.

Social Media Earthworm said...

@ on behalf of all silent followers ( please look at justnifty web statistics .. view count is in crores ..)This is human frailty ... we abuse our parents and even God when things are not in our favour . No one but us who is responsible for our trades . Justnifty , master's creation has done two important things .. First a Real time tutorial on trading with live cases with expert weekend classes on emotion management and having a life outside trading (which is key for trading ) and second is attracting trade and TA proficient talents who question and share their understanding and view . Justnifty is a great experiment on the lines of wikipedia ... with only difference is wikipedia is creation of a crowd and justnifty is Master's painstaking effort .If anyone is making money good , but what is more important is learning ... managing emotions while trading ... through weekend posts .. and while doing so , if one makes money that is secondary

anand said...

38% level of 8268 retraced for rise of 8231-8291 (8231 - 2 hr low as well)

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