Monday, October 20, 2014

Nifty Intraday Update-I


chetas said...

Todays Low exactly at JNSAR.

Many times I have observed in the past, when market gives a gap above JNSAR, and holds it for an hour, then it becomes a support.

With Prabhasnsu WW pointing at 8000+

S&P500 targeting 1920 short term and another IH&S targeting 1970 levels. Lots of results also this week in US starting with AAPl today.

We should be able to make money Longing for Diwali :))

gs said...

prices looks to settle above r2 taking time before further upmove?

Prabhanshu Raman said...

netdania is not working for Indian market? :-(

brijsolution said...

Hi Chetas,,

Nifty trading below DHema as well as below 20 DEMA...

Still need more confirmation for more upside..

As nifty moving in range from morning...averages inching up.. So few hours will be so imp..

Also some news may come from political party.

hari said...

Yup Prabhanshu. Informed netdania thrur twiiter

gs said...

good support at 7855-60 levels

chetas said...


Yes till above 20&50 we need to be cautious.

We went below 20 and also tested 100dma and bollinger band low (2std) and closed below it on 16th but on 17th we closed above it.

VIX which was trading above BB top , and infact touched the 3rd Standard deviation on 16th , is now trading below BB top ( 2nd standard deviation ) I consider this as a Vix Bolinger band buy setup. Ofcourse vix needs to close below 16.10 today for this setup to be active

whenever we did a test of lower BB in nifty and closed above it the next day ,which matches with vix reversing from BB top, Nifty atleast went on to touch 20dsma

do not have statsistics, will develop one end of day

marina s rao said...

Day Low : 7872.20 Day High : 7898.80 Range : 26 Points Day Pivot : 7774 Hr. Pivot : 7884

NS more than a Century below OK ( Octa Kilo = 8000).

Currently hovering around 7889.

NS a Century above Day Pivot @ 7774 & Hr. Pivot @ 7884 indicating bull grip.

NS in BAH mode in Hr. T/F & BOD in Day T/F.

More Strength above D HEma @ 7890.

BAH= Buy And Hold

BOD = Buy On Dips

DNSHUKLA said...

Good Mng Sir and Friends.

brijsolution said...

Bank nifty high is @ breakout level,... above this mkt will zoom barabar zoom..

brijsolution said...

Prabhu,,, As u r bullish onn nifty for 8000+ tgt..

can u guide for BN... will it come down & lead nifty for fall ??

Prabhanshu Raman said...

Brij, nifty sambhalti nahi...BN to bahut door hai...not tracking BN. Also cant see chart today as netdania not working..

marina s rao said...

Followers of JNSAR :

Day Low : 7872.20 Day High : 7904.75 Day Range : 32 points

NS trading above TODAY'S JNSAR @ 7872.

More than a Century above Hr. JNSAR @ 7784.

Longs can be initiated on retracement @ or around 7872 with Strict SL @ 7842.

NS a Century above Day's pivot @ 7774.

NS currently hovering around 7895.

Note : As JNSAR turned long 2 hrs back only, Whipsaws r highly possible.

Strict SL is a must for all trades whether Short or Long.

brijsolution said...

Thanks Prabhu,,, U have good study on well as some selected stocks..

Thanks for kind support to us all..

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 11:00AM, Pivot-7814, R1-7876, R2-7934, VWAP-7915

A Huge gap-up on the back of favourable State Election Results and the PE writers are back with huge addition at 7900 Level, with resistance still pegged at 8000…

Thanks & Regards

S N said...

Brij solution, What is the break out level for BN ? Is it spot or future ? How do you calculate it ? Please guide.



marina s rao said...

Day Low : 7872.20 Day High : 7904.75 Range : 32 Points Day Pivot : 7774 Hr. Pivot : 7893

NS more than a Century below OK ( Octa Kilo = 8000).

Currently hovering around 7898.

NS a Century above Day Pivot @ 7774 & Hr. Pivot @ 7893 indicating bull grip.

NS in BAH mode in Hr. T/F & in Day T/F.

Weakness returns below Hr. HEma @ 7858.

BAH= Buy And Hold

brijsolution said...

Hi SN..

In Bn 16309 high made on 11th Sep 2014..

So for this high imp..

After hit 16309 nifty back to cool down up to 15130 ...

Sorry for late reply..

brijsolution said...


Even in nifty as per swing system on daily chart nifty bearish..

S.loss for this swing trade is as on today 8160..

Above 8160 nifty resume more up move journey..

Also now daily sma also downside trigger... So also bearish.

weekly chart of nifty also bearish.. s.loss 7952-7955..

So almost big frames bearishness..

brijsolution said...

Anyone track DLF..

DLEMA @ 113.50

Above 116-117 can see more upside..

Sonu said...

Something seems not right... Only addition in 7900PEs... Rest is just flat:

Sonu said...

if DLEMA works well for Nifty doesn't mean it has to work well for all stocks... just a thought to think about... cheers

Prabhanshu Raman said...

Brij, my suggestion..stay away from dlf. Its totally in diff kind of mess.
lot other stocks are there to make money or track.

brijsolution said...

Sonu.. Rightly said.. my side avoid..Just chart study..

Prabhu,, Yes many stocks are safe...My side avoid,, because long time frame charts indicate even

80 level also..

Prabhu.. any script ..which can trade like nifty SAR ?

& it is safe in all way

Prabhanshu Raman said...

any ew counts from 7724? Cant count..

Prabhanshu Raman said...

Brij, just see Sir's other blog. He updates JNSAR value for nifty and midcap index stocks every eod and i believe many traders use that and making money.

S N said...


The six key JNSAR stocks which Sir mention are RIL, SBIN, ICICIBANK, INFY, TATASTEEL, TATAMOTORS.



kumar k said...

Prabhanshu what is +ww

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