Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Nifty Intraday Update-II

The reliable "Relative Strength Indicator"....


marina s rao said...
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marina s rao said...

Day Low : 7826.70 Day High : 7869.90 Range : 43 Points Day Pivot : 7879 Hr. Pivot : 7847

NS a Century and Half below OK ( Octa Kilo = 8000).

Currently hovering around 7830.

NS below Day Pivot @ 7879 & below Hr. Pivot @ 7847 indicating bear grip.

NS in SAH mode in Hr. T/F & in Day T/F.

Mild Strength returns above D LEma @ 7844.

SAH= Sell And Hold

Prabhanshu Raman said...

Good afternoon sir and friends.
Sir, is it possible that truncated c done at 7869 for the fall from 7812-7827.
From 7869-7829, 5 waves can be observed.
Now, retrace of it and breaking of 7827 is imp for further confirmation?
With another low (aprx 7780) will make 5 waves for the fall from 7970 or 8031?

Prabhanshu Raman said...

Pls read as :for the fall from 7912-7827

brijsolution said...

@ raghava..

Looks tisco hit 453 level..

What u say ?

shriram said...

G.Afty Master & JN Family

Simple eyes, a H-prob ABC Flat in play from 8180 NS on the Day T/f, nearing end.

a 8180 7925 255
b 7925 8161 -236 -92.5%
c 8161 7824 337 132.2% ** in play

c=1.382xa gives 7809 as a MAX. outer end, if the lable is to be valid (for Flats, c doing> 1.382xa is a rarity)

Have a gr8 day !

marina s rao said...
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Alpesh Kanparia said...

dear sir Ilango,
In TATASTELL , 195 to 580 , looks 3 wave (A , B , C )
Wave A ......... 195 to 436
wave B ........... 436 to 332
Wave C ........ 332 to 575 (wave 5 is trunched )
m i right sir ?
Regards ,

marina s rao said...

Followers of JNSAR :

Day Low : 7824.20 Day High : 7869.90 Day Range : 45 points

NS trading a Century below TODAY'S JNSAR @ 7970.

Nearly Half a Century Below Hr. JNSAR @ 7873.

Continue SHORTS INITIATED on 30th Sep by reversing Longs @ 7991 with part booking /

comfortable trailing SL.

NS currently hovering around 7835.

Note :

Strict SL is a must for all trades whether Short or Long.

Prakash C said...

Price raised as bear flag and now declined in bull flag?

Prabhanshu Raman said...

Shri, 1 query.
If C has started from 8161, then it has to be in 5 waves or abc where c again will be in 5 waves.
8161-7842 seems to be in 5 waves and 7842 broke today => so C is unfolding as abc pattern. If yes, then it has to be 'a'.
7842-8031 => 3 waves =>b
Now from 8031 if c is unfolding, then it has to be in 5 waves.
i 8031 7924 106points
ii 7924 7970 46points
iii 7970 7824 146points
So at 7824 iii may got over, the iv and final v to complete c.
In this scenario, C may end near 7780 aprx?

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 1:00PM, Pivot-7915, S1-7859, R1-7946, VWAP-7886

The index unable to sustain the highs, went down with ease to the lows, but the 7800PE writers are holding tight, giving the much needed support, Sell on Rise continues…

Thanks & Regards

brijsolution said...

As per chart now tisco near to resistance for intraday..

Advise to book profit for contra trade bought...

453 imp to cross

shriram said...

C in never an ABC , either 5 or a ED only

c.1 8161 8065 96
c.2 8065 8159 -94 -97.9%
c.3 8159 7843 316 329.2%
c.4 7843 8031 -188 -59.5%
c.5 8031 7824 207 65.5% ** done or nearing end

Aise dekho

brijsolution said...

sriram... Hi..

Now nearly 2 hrs to go...

ORB not breaking yet..

Can we see last minutes sudden fall or rise ?

Bank nifty supporting upside as IT index drag down..

grinding ON..

gs said...

looks like market respecting the range low 7800

sujata mam can comment on nifty grinder but shes not here

result season starts friday.....

mynac said...

@ brijsolution ,
From trading point of view,The chances of the second one are most likely the last last Hr...Let us see..

Prakash C said...

Is this a valid -ww?

Prabhanshu Raman said...

Thanks Shri. In that case, do you see +ww in nifty hour chart.
1 7939
2 8180
3 7924
4 8161
5 will be formed at 7911 aprx. Although 1-3-5 line whipped once.
Also 2-3 point is in 3 waves.
7800pe OI also supports that.
If yes, then 1-4tgt lines comes near to 8300+

gs said...

prakash pt 5 wrong

gs said...

rj said...

@ prakash its a +ww starting point will be where your point 2 is ..........

shriram said...

Prabha : tat wud be 7800 ruff n dirty , for pt 5 :)

Alt. look for a i-HnS now intra.. if Days low hold, NL brkout is > 7845 , 5min candles

vksoni said...
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UNKNOWN said...

Please update chart sir

UNKNOWN said...

Please update chart

gs said...

shri i hns on 5min charts? unable to spot

brijsolution said...


May be sir busy.. or go outside of some urgent work..

Anyone who want level they can ask me related to TABLE..

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