Friday, November 22, 2013

Nifty Pre-Market View.

BankNifty shows a 5-wave "being" completed. Similar observations could be made for Nifty too.
This being a simple observation of pattern, the corrective rise for the 5 wave could take many forms such as a flat, zigzag or even a running correction.
Trend being strongly down, DLEma & WLEma are the key numbers for the day.
Immediate resistances are the running correction zone of "iv"th wave @ 6027-55.
Immediate support for "v", in case trades below "6031" @ open is "5957-68".
Failure to find a ST bottom @ 5946(golden retrace) would indicate weakness towards 200dsma(5862) & lower..


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Sir i have a question, how you reached at 5700 level for wave 2 target on daily chart.
I mean what is the calculation sir.
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Based on the pattern, a likely irregular flat", and the weakening technicals, such a labeling is done. If prices show any tendency to strengthen above certain critical levels and if a new pattern emerges, we'll then change the label.

We trade by the ST readings while keeping the MT & LT picture in mind and become vigilant enough to give weightage to larger picture when it matters most...for eg: week trend start to get assertive from Thursday or Friday (In the current week, it did so on Wednesday @ 2.30PM) and the monthly trend in the last week or last two trading days of the month.

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Illango ji, if time permits, can u pls explain how the 6031 figure was arrived at in your pre mkt view??

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