Saturday, November 30, 2013

How many occasions have you been indifferent ?

We have witnessed in our times some issues like the Kashmir problem, Sri Lankan problem, Palestinian problem persisting for years. Relationship problems between a husband and wife are in no way different from these. There was a big industrialist, who thought only about business; even at home. He had a very talkative wife.
Initially, he tolerated the constant nagging of his wife, but as the business grew., he became impatient with her. So in order to find a solution, he approached a saint. The wife came to know of this. She was furious and immediately confronted him.
‘I heard that you went to a saint to discuss about me? What advice did he give you?' she asked.
Sorry! He has asked me not to reveal it to you,' said the Husband. Oh! So, that saint is more important to you than me? Tell me the truth at once! What is the great advice he has given you which you feel I should not know?' 'He taught me a mantra. But he has told me not to tell you,' replied the husband calmly.
'I am asking you for the last time. Tell me what mantra he taught you. If you don't tell me, right now, I shall pack my bags and go away to my mother's house,' screamed the wife erupting like a volcano!
'Sorry you have to forgive me. The saint has ordered me never to reveal the mantra... that too, to you.'
'So, matters have come to such an extent, is it? I am going to my mother's house immediately,' said the wife. She packed her bags and started to leave.
Now the husband was jumping with joy!
'Success! Success! The mantra worked! He shouted gleefully.
For almost a week, he was blissfully at peace, free from his nagging wife. But after that, he felt as if the whole house was empty and silent. He began to feel terribly lonely, and almost became half mad because he missed his wife a lot! Now, that is a totally different story!
The truth is however very simple. Many husbands in our country expect their wives to be possessive about them. They long to be tied down by love; but at the same time, they also want to be free. Both are however not possible at the same time! A wife who wishes to control her husband with love would surely be a stumbling block to his freedom.
Long ago, I was travelling with one of my students on a bike in Bangalore. It was night time. At a turning, all of a sudden there was a car without headlights plying on the wrong side of the road. My student was quick enough to turn the bike away and we had a narrow escape. But the indicator lamps of the bike were damaged in this encounter.
The driver of the car who had come on the wrong side simply drove away, as if nothing had happened. My student could not control his anger. `Shall we give a chase and stop him? Or shall we inform the police?' he was seriously thinking on those lines. Finally when I managed to calm him down, I discovered a truth.
My student was not angry at the damage to his bike or the possibility of an accident. He was angry because the driver had left without even uttering one word of apology. That hurt him the most.
Do you know when a person gets hurt the most? It may not be through insult or harsh words. It is when someone considers the other less valuable than any material possession; then the person gets deeply wounded.
So, being indifferent to another is the greatest insult one can inflict. Husbands, please be aware! On how many occasions have you been indifferent towards your wife?
- Swami Sukhabodhananda.


shazra said...

good morning sir.
nice post. thanks.

shriram said...

GM Master,

Eye opener !

Sujatha said...

gm sir nd all :)

கூறாமல் சன்னியாசம் கொள் / இது யார் சொன்னது எதுக்கு சொன்னது யாராச்சும் தெரிஞ்சா கொஞ்சம் சொல்லுங்களேன் எங்கேயோ எப்போதோ படித்தது ஆனால் யார் எதுக்கு சொன்னார்கள் என்று மறந்து விட்டது இந்த கதையை படித்தும் இது ஞாபகத்துக்கு வந்தது



Good Morning Sir & All Friends.

u.k.Raj said...

பர்த்தாவுக்கேற்ற பதிவிரதை யுண்டானால்
எத்தாலும் கூடி இருக்கலாம்.-சற்றேனும்
ஏறுமாறாக இருப்பாளே யாமாயிற்
கூறாமல் சன்னியாசம் கொள்.
- ஔவையார்

Badri said...
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Sujatha said...

U K RAJ - thank u very much...shame on me..shhhhhhhh

pravin said...

Thanks sir for weekend tonic.

paddy said...

Thanks Master for the wonderful weekend posts!! This week's advice is sheer Truth!! Enjoyed the comments of Sujatha Sis and UK Raj!! God Bless!!

durga said...

good evening master and all blogmates...
a picture is worth a thousand words..excellent
somewhere i read in JAPAN they have a ROOM where you have big toys n dolls--some can be reshaped to shape of yue choice.there one can go n hit smash, scold n releive their anger frustration.. I THINK NOW YU CAN START a video game and fight it over.. no verbal duel..
i have my own invention tht the othr person should nt COUNTER till 24 hrs ..and also speak only one says OVER. good day

rajiv malik said...

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Ding A Dong said...

Can any one share their specific or to the point opinion on this (apart from generic or neutral studies) to use then in specific "following"

Calls money is >1000 crores and puts money in around 300 crores on a first day.
OI pcr > 1
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will nifty close high by CE buyers holding nifty up?
will nifty get punished due to CE buyers pushing it down and holding due to 1k cr premium pack?
what happened in the past with same set of data sets?

On a serious learning note!

Ding A Dong

Himansu Mehta said...

GM everybody,


I feel that Puts are being written as the premium on Nifty is very high.

hence > pcr.


Kumar said...

Namaskaaram GuruJi and Brother & Sisters,

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Have a Good Day and Great WeekEnd. Vaalaga Nalamudan and Valamudan.

Today is my last day journey with TradeInNiftyOnly.

Are you unselfish? That is the question. If you are, you will be perfect without reading a single religious book, without going into a single church or temple.

- Swami Vivekananda.

Hello ..... Good Bye

Soura said...

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