Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nifty "down under" various T/F's alignment blues...


Harsh Mehta said...

@Shriram... You usually identify WW patterns... Is it valid only for Candle Stick Charts? Can we rely on WW pattern on line charts? If you look at Nifty monthly line chart, a bearish WW can be seen with price target around 3500 on nifty with a time span of about 8-9 months...that is around election results one can say..

gkm223 said...

master plz guide if wrong in counting:-
from 5119-6142
5701-6343 3rd(1)
6343-5972 3rd(2)(i)
5972-6212 3rd(2)(ii)
6212-5973 3rd(2)(iii)a
5973-6124 3rd(2)(iii)b
6124- in progress 3rd(2)(iii)c
plz plz reply i am studying ew. very weak in this,.

gkm223 said...

how can impact the new signal-ns closed below wlema last week.

Nincompoop Trader said...

1 5118-5580
2 5580-5318
3 5318-6143
4 6143-5701
5 5701-6343

A 6343-5972
B 5972-6212
C.1 6212-5973
C.2 5973-6123
C.3 6123 down running

shriram said...

@ Harsh:

Ideally one shud stick to hi-Lo Candle Sticks for identifying WW pts... some ppl though accept CLOSE PRICE (line chart) patterns also.

WW , like EW or Classic TA is a PATTERN... standalone it has NO MEANING , NO DEFINED PROBABILITY OF UNFURLING..

but when combined with HARD OI DATA & Higher T/f Support / RES , it gives Excellent R:R & Hi-Prob setups

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