Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Nifty Pre-Market View.

After the week trend turned down last week while the day T/A @ Oversold zone, a ST rally emerged and prices have retraced the "golden ratio" and @ the cluster resistances of 6220-37.
Weekly trend could assert today or tomorrow and if it fails to do so, monthly trend could start to assert itself (Remember month trend turned up with momentum on 31st Oct. with a close above 6123-MHEma)
6114-38 is the critical support zone.
6220-37 is the cluster resistances.
Day trend is aligned with month; but week trend is in conflict which would need some resolving and the crucial numbers are WEma(6114) & WHEma(6206 presently).


Ding A Dong said...

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Dear Prabhanshu,

Based on sgx as of now it look like CE writers are aiming to hit a six.

Guess is not bad as it will lead you to follow one day but trade management is more important when your guess is wrong, and its most needed.

Take Care

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Kumar said...

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Prabhanshu Raman said...

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@Ding... Guess ulta pad gaya. .. lolz. Gap down with 16 points

DNSHUKLA said...

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sarvesh sharma said...

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how many points one should give to hour jnsar for survival? in day it is 20, in week it should be little many should be in hour?

San said...

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hardeep thakur said...

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Your guess was of significance to me coz it was based on some analysis, not just 'emotional feeling'(as i do). Thanks a lot for this as it give me some learning.


satheesh said...

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