Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Nifty Intraday Update-III


Ilango said...

7745 7741 ... is 38%-50% retrace of the last rise from …… 7720 to 7761

80% is - 7728

If strength to return again, it should be around 7745 7741

Weakness gets confirmed Below 7741 OR 7728

Amit Agarwal said...

jnsar trader losing money continously but u r always using ur piano of 80%, why not u gave buy when jnsar was in sell ?? Just befooling everyone...

Ilango said...

7750 7742 ... is 38%-50% retrace of the last rise from …… 7708 to 7775

80% is - 7721

If strength to return again, it should be around 7750 7742

Weakness gets confirmed Below 7742 OR 7721

DR.SGM said...

Dear sir,from 7840 to 7708,is it an ABC,or a 5 wave?

Num Char said...

@Amit Agarwal

Can you summarise the list of JnSar Trades from 7422 ...till now , so expert JnSar traders can suggest something ?
Understand that here lots of discussion is related to mulitple timeframes .

Raghavendra said...

From the blog archives :

How to trade JNSAR in a sideways market - when prices are closing between DHEMA and DLEMA or when JNSAR is between DLEMA and DHEMA.


Ilango said

During uptrend, the first sign of "loss of momentum" is noticed when prices close below DHEma. (It goes for all time frames too). And a "sell on Rises" strategy comes in here. Except during strongly trending period, it works well.
Prices then move below DEma and close below it, confirming a ST reversal.
Prices, then, move towards DLEma to DLEma less 20 points approx. Remember DLEma number decreases as new lows are being made.
Having reached the lower range, DLEma - 20, prices attempt a bounce/ reversal and move towards DEma and if ST technicals help it, it will move towards DHEma or DHEma +20.(In the meanwhile DHEma number would have come down significantly).
It is only when prices close below DLEma, downward momentum would affect the prices.
Similarly, it is only when prices close above DHEma, upward momentum would return.
These "emas" could be matched with Price clusters in Hour chart for probable Supports and Resistances and further fine tuned with developing "Pivot numbers" or "Camrilla Numbers".
Once you have a "Trading range" for the day is developed, it becomes easy to "Sell on Rises" OR "Buy on Dips". Within the "Sell on Rises", a "Buy on Dips" comes in when prices come to the lower range but fail to close below DLEma. This is the best way to deal with a "Sideways Market".
"JNSAR Traders" would do well to adopt this strategy to "minimise" whipsaws. Let there be few whipsaws; it will keep you grounded. But if your JNSAR number is stuck between DHEma & DLEma and prices are closing between DHEma & DLEma, "Trade the Ranges"..
I have seen it work for years. But you need to be "loose and flowing" with the markets. Develop that edge.

Raghavendra said...

Observations on how TT showed the way today.

1. Prices at open reached day pivot - 7756 ( sold off ) lines up with Ilango sir's aggressive uptrend level of 7761.

2. Prices trigger JNSAR and tussel emerges fro hr and day time frames.
3. Prices reach 7708 - day low which lines up with a support range of 7696 to 7714 ( Week S1 and Day s1 ) , DLEMA - 30 pt range.

4. Prices rise to make day high at 7775 lining with DHEMA, Week Pivot resistance zone lining up with pre-market view of 7771-85 levels.

Lets c how EOD shapes up.

herry said...

7749-7841=92 point A and 7800-92- 7708 of A B C is done ...sir right..?

herry said...

dear sir given banknifty viwe plz...

Unknown said...

Sir is there a heavy supply zone on Nifty Spot at 7787 - 7795 zone ????

rock said...

Amit agrwal I'm follower of jnsar.....n jnsar follower in profit since 7573....n now long from 7749 n still in profit

Sahil said...

Sir, the last rise should now be taken from 7761?

Ilango said...

3.00PM TT & Chart Updated.

Okay said...


How should this upmove be counted?
An irregular move from 7722-7761; 7761-7707; then 7707-7791/X. Or, this is start of something new?

learner said...

Amit Ag who compels you to follow JNSAR? We are ready to be fooled ,OK? Aap hum subke theka lyia hai kya?

Ilango said...

@ Okay,

Because the sub-waves show impulsive characteristics, it may be considered as the 3rd wave from 7422, 1st being 7422 to 7809 or 7841.

However, one needs to monitor the retrace of the rises to manage the trades as it could be labelled "also as a corrective" of which we'll touch upon when the need arises.

Ilango said...

@ learner, & so many other unbiased readers,

Just stay make deliberate practice of your trades, diligently, with discipline follow the trade plan, no matter what your "mind" says.

As long as you understand your method of trading, its pit falls & its rewards with relevant numbers that "voids your trade plan" or "continue to confirm your trade plan", you're on your own in this rewarding financial jungle journey.

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