Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Nifty has staged a 200+ point rally from 50dsma, the MT bull average...


Muthu Thamizhini said...

Dear Sir,

if you label this upmove as 4th up then the assumption of 5th completed on 7807 is invalid. rigth? what is the maximum upside in this uptrend.

Also if we assume 7807 as top and abc correction also possible right...a is 7442 and b may be around 7650 and then can we expect c below 7400?

Muthu Thamizhini said...

Interesting data from FII

Bought and Sold 50 k contracts of put....

July 7500 OI put and August 7300 OI put increased hugely. especially August 7300 put increased by 27 it FII buying or selling?

Venkatesh S said...

@ Muthu Thamizhini

Just eager to know for which site you got this FII put data ?

Muthu Thamizhini said...

@ S Venkatesh

Harsh Mehta said...

Two types of people enter the stock market every morning -
1) A person with money
2) A person with experience

In the evening when they exit -

The person with experience exits with money.

The person with money exits with experience.

jai bhole said...

jai bhole

hello sir & friends

enjoyed the volatility.

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