Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Nifty Intraday Update-II


marina s rao said...

Day Low : 7532.45 Day High : 7571.35 Range :39 Points Day Pivot : 7507 Hr. Pivot : 7546

Currently above Day Pivot @ 7507 and Hr. Pivot @ 7546.

NS touched cluster resistance for aggressive trades i.e. 7559-7572.

Once above 7572 next stop is 7605.

NS nearly Half a Century below D JNSAR @7598.

NS currently hovering around 7545.

NS in SOR mode in Hr. T/F & BOD in Day T/F.

Above 7585 mode changes to BAH in Day T/F.

Above 7550 mode changes to BAH in Hr. T/F.

BAH = Buy And Hold

BOD = Buy On Dips

SOR = Sell On Rises.

vksoni said...

intraday cluster 7552-55
strength only above these.

Sahil said...

7561(80% of 7568-7532)-7568(lower high of the day)- a cluster.

Ilango said...

Holding 7545, rally continues.

Share & Be Sure said...

?? - WW on 3 min chart: 1:7571, 3: 7571 ,and 5: 7568 (fut)
Tgt- 7505 ??

Guru Krish (Trading Nirvana) said...

There is hardly any premium now..

Share & Be Sure said...

Pactically zero premium.... will there be discount now?

Share & Be Sure said...

@ Guru Krish (Trading Nirvana),
We are on same page

Guru Krish (Trading Nirvana) said...

@Share & Be Sure -- Yes, now its come down below 4, which was in the mornings..

shriram said...

--> back

-ww needs a rising 1-3-5 ,, is it so ,in today's pattern ?

Raghavendra said...

For BN Traders,

BN is turning the tables now. Closed above DEMA yesterday and now trading firmly above Developing DHEMA and HHEMA since 10 AM close this morning.

Developed a 100 pt range during the day and broke above 15105

Critical number below as of 2 pm closing
Dev DHEMA = 15035
HHEMA = 15085 ( coinciding with upper line of intraday range )
HLEMA = 15000 ( coinciding with lower line of intraday range )
Dev DEMA = 14901.

Stockathon said...

Thanks Raghavendra...

Also BN-JNSAR in Long.

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