Friday, September 27, 2013

Nifty's ST downtrend in day t/f has dented the week t/f with a "Sell on Rises"...


Crorepathi said...
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Crorepathi said...

Have started to use Excel for analysis for BN , do you have any template for drawing charts? because though am able draw charts but not like yours.

Nisha said...

Follow $ movement, FII / DII will move first $ upwards to bring down the market, then BUY at lower levels, then slowly reverse the trade on $, then when the market moving upside book profits,
It will move as per Technical charts...

anmpatel said...

if u r using MSoffice7 then u can directly save master's chart's template in ur system. try it.

jvr said...

Seniors can please throw a light on it

Infosys 3,032.00 -4.85 -0.16% why both call and put are increased marginally ?

Strike option LTP Change Percantage
3000.00 CE 220.00 13.50 6.54%
3050.00 CE 195.0 13.50 7.44%
3100.00 CE 174.0 15.75 9.92%
3150.00 CE 150.80 10.80 7.71%

3000.00 PE 187.10 16.70 9.80%
2950.00 PE 167.60 22.85 15.79%
2900.00 PE 147.35 16.00 12.18%
2850.00 PE 135.80 30.80 29.33%

Atharva said...

Dear JVR.

Now a days it is a new trick SM has started in Indian mkt since last 3 yrs in few stocks like Infy , Sbin , Lt. I have not observed in other counters. 15-20 days prior to result both ITM. ATM Deep OTM options prices are highly priced as well as will rise to extend of 6-8% till 2 days prior to result... and once result is out either one leg will be 5-8 times or both will be zero .. Nothing much.. it is just official gambling; nothing else.. If you wish to then you may try your luck..I suggest stay away.. Options are to be used for hedging and for us following JNSAR I do not think we need hedging even if one is investor and holding stocks if he follows TT and sirs long term EW counts..

Best wishses


jvr said...

Thanks a lot.
First principle learned from here is disciple.
I Do not trade in options and not even in stocks futures . I trade with JNSAR with nifty Futures.

Thanks a lot .Happy week end

Squander Star said...


last time on the day before infy results.... Stock closed around 2510 whereon 2100 pe closed at 92 and 2900ce closed at 96. Next day infy was up to 2850-2920 but 2100 pe went to 2-4rs and 2900 were trading at 20-32rs..... Stay away would be the best idea..... Hope it helps....

Ramesh said...

Can anyone help me understand trading using JNSAR on Nifty50 Stock

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