Monday, September 30, 2013

Nifty, having confirmed a firm reversal, closes below 5-MSma.


Aijaz said...

Sir, my subscription to Just Nifty google group got deleted. Can you please add me to the group again?

My email ID is


ak said...

request you to make me a member of justnifty group
my email is
amit kumar

ankita said...

sharp reversal anytime???

sarvesh said...

respected Ilango sir, it close at 5735 and 5MSMA is 5714..should not it be closed below 5wsma, in the headline, today????

vksoni said...

5714 is 5 Mema.5755 is 5 Msma.check in TT month pivot section.

sarvesh said...

thank you, soni karne ke baad dekha...thank you

Prakash said...

Gudmorning all frnds of blogs

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