Thursday, August 1, 2013

Nifty Intraday Update-II


Ilango said...

Most of you are observing the price trend quite well.

Validation or invalidation will come from market price alone.

You'll gain in confidence going with your conviction with a flexibility to change your view when market prices demand it.

Randhir said...

Dear Sir,

Thanks for update in new post it clarifies all my queries.

Anandha said...

@ Ilango

Moving past 5778 looks invalidate that iv is in play and confirm 2 is running. Otherwise, we may see 5618 levels by week end ?

saz said...

thanks for the too little normal(sigh)..

shriram said...

--> back


simple ABC Flat in play ?

Kiran said...

C wave of Flat has got sub-divisions of sub-divisions.

Anandha said...

read iv as v.

Guru Krish said...

Looking at Index, I remember those goood old days of playing SeeSaw in nearby park..:) wondering which side is heavier :P

Guru Krish said...

"You'll gain in confidence going with your conviction with a flexibility to change your view when market prices demand it."

Yup, Big Bow to Market Prices...the moment you think you can predict, your gone!! This was my experience with the Market, so now I have left it to it and am just the follower..Following has its own Surprise gifts now and then...

Thank You Master!!

akki_tank007 said...

sir could we say that v is done from 5809 to 5677 and b wave has started

since fall from a wave 6093 to 5967 was 126 pts
c wave has extended and now v wave has already acheived 132 pts

Crorepathi said...

Seems Algos at work
Real Steel action!!

raj shinde said...

bull trying to hold nifty future & spot above 5781 & 5776

rochak parekh said...


credit goes to you

tera tujhko arpan, kya laage mera


Nilesh said...

@ illangoji,

pl change low in day in t.t.


Observation & Opinion :
Previous Day High 5752 to day High - Low Retracements,
5759 to 5677 @ 61.8 = 5759
Wonderful struggle of short T/F agains longer T/ F
EOD C > 5752 makes Daily Bar reversal also from Pin Bar Day
Tomorrow who will win ? Longer should will agains shorter one.
Today Close is imp or shorter may surder to day also.
Price agbove 5759 is important today.Short below 10-15 points
high, I-D can give relief from relief rally.


To day High = 5809
Sorry read like that.

RS said...

@ Ilango Sir,

In 1min/2min charts, fall from 5809 to 5677 is 5 wave but in 5 min charts, fallis clearly 3 waves .

Does it imply nething???


Trader Junkie said...

So I cannot emphasize the confidence EW gives along with TA and FIBO. It is just amazing the conviction it lends to a trade

Ofcourse today has been a supremely unique day - but EW coupled with TA and FIBO has delivered today what many will call a lottery, but infact is just plain reward a STUDY gives you if you stick with it...

Master Sir - your daily EW has changed the way I trade adn the confidence it lends...

I bow to you Sir...!

channasri said...

Dear Sir,

Is there a triangle in play at the moment. Yesterday's low - a, Today's high - b, Today's low - c, 5765 seen between 12-15 and 12-20 as point d till now. Since height of this formation is about 131 points, is it correct to consider 5546 as the target. Kindly advise me.

Best regards

Sandy said...

5808 NF had max sell volume. Crossing this will be the task.

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 1:00PM, Pivot-5761, R1-5807, R2-5839, VWAP-5783

Bad News comes in hoards, when the Market is in downtrend, so someone got huge stocks cheap and Market is back in positive with a huge buying tail…

Thanks & Regards

channasri said...

@ Sanjay Sir,

Please guide me about knowing VWAP. I mean how to get this information.

Best regards,

Sandy said...

NF today covered it's gap

Saurabh said...

Dear Sir,

one question. present correction or bearishness from 6209 is a wave C. if not than the current labelling is like ?

ak said...

sir can we sell below hour jnsar

naresh said...

hi Master , Is this C on of of Flat ABC ?

Prasad said...

At EOD if possible,pl post your EW labels on 2/5 min charts from yesterday low 5676.
For education purpose only.

Prabhanshu said...

Bull flag in 2 min chart?
Shriram, please suggest how to identify bo and target of Bull/bear flag?

SJkolkata said...

please update target of bull flag in 2mins,'
if I am not wrong its much higher than 5800.

Prasad said...

Price not making lows wrt stoc. on ID 5min charts.
Any hint?

deepak pinto said...

Market in trading range 5675 to 5809.
5720 to 60 no trade zone due to whipsaws.
Bears have the mt trend.
But bulls are trying to digest the selling In the st. Will they
Be able to hold the nose of the pin bar is the question.

Prabhanshu said...

@SJ, if I take long now also based on Bull flag, so not sure what should be sl. . need to learn... :(

SJkolkata said...

Shriram, missing probably gone for Sappad.
Let him return

Sandy said...

Larger bear flag active

shree said...

shriram said...

--> back

SJK ji:

new low possible.. this last 1 hr action, though lookin like a flag, doesn't seem like a consolidation on the Oscill.

Sandy said...

If smaller bull flag or a-b-c up to work Nifty should be baught here with 5700 as SL

STOCK4SURE said...

+WW may be developing

ns at 5714 levels

may move up towards 5740-45 range and then may again dip for a lower low near 5710-5705 range intraday

and then again towards 5770ns but tomorrow

shriram said...

then again,
as S4S says a +WW is seen now on 2mins

right place to reinitiate shorts wud be as close as possible to 34EMA,30m or DLoEMA ?

Master, pl guide !

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