Saturday, August 3, 2013

If you keep surfing, you’ll eventually catch a wave...

In order to start making progress, we need to deconstruct what it means to learn. Throughout life you've probably believed that reading something and being able to explain what you read to another person is learning. That's more or less what traditional education has defined as learning, and when you're unable to do it you believe that you have failed.
That's not learning; that's memorization.
And it might get you through school, but it won't get you through life.
If I brought you to the beach with me, you could watch me surf for hours, listen to my explanation of how to get up on your surfboard, and how to catch a wave.
The minute we got in the water, it would be worthless. It's almost guaranteed that you would fall. But that's how you learn to surf.
You have to be willing to fall in order to stand. I’m not naturally athletic by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, the only thing I’ve ever been known for throughout my life is my athletic ineptitude. I was the “most improved” player on my 7th grade basketball team, and the worst snowboarder of all my friends that I tried to learn with in college.
I’m not phenomenal, but those friends from college couldn’t hold a candle to me in either sport because I learned how to do both through nothing but persistence.
I’m not sure why, but for adults, strangers in bars are like the teachers we never had in school. They always seem to have some drunken pearl of wisdom that makes a difference in our lives. For me it was the guy who told me to go surfing 50 times because then I’d be too invested to quit.
If you want to know how I learned to surf, it’s pretty simple. I showed up, got my ass handed to me, thought I was going to drown, and eventually, after showing up enough times, I could stand on a surfboard.
In school, this would be the equivalent of getting Fs on everything and claiming that you are learning. In life, it’s how you learn. We’ve been conditioned to fear failure for so long that real learning comes to a screeching halt. This is an unfortunate tragedy that sends people into the pursuit of being average and mediocre when they were meant to be extraordinary.
So let’s redefine what it means to learn.
If you keep surfing, you’ll eventually catch a wave. (You also might end up dealing with a lifelong addiction that will lead to side effects such as happiness, fulfillment, and physical fitness. I’m just saying.)
You never really stop learning how to surf. But the more you do it, something really interesting starts to happen. Your skill level increases exponentially. You become leaps and bounds better than you were before that first wave.
I’ve found that developing any skill seems to have a similar curve. You start out incompetent. Then you develop competence. That eventually leads to skill, which leads to performance. The funny thing is, even after you reach the level that could be viewed as performance, you’ll plateau again. But if you keep trying you’ll break through the plateau, and when you hit the next one, you’ll be exponentially better than you were before.
In any surf session, all it takes is one good wave. You remember seconds out of hours. Those seconds leave a footprint on your soul that will last a lifetime.
Most of us live life in anticipation of big moments like birthdays, graduation days, and wedding days. Those are important moments, but in our anticipation of big moments we often forget to enjoy the little ones.
It's important to make the little moments count because there are far more of them than the big ones. When I look back over the course of my life, it's the little moments that I remember: 
  • A good wave in a surf session
  • Watching the sunrise from the beach
  • Having coffee at the Strada Fountain in Berkeley
  • The nights we laughed so hard we cried
  • The perfect smile of a beautiful stranger
My friend has a beautiful way of looking at this. She says "we plan for the future but we don't live in fear of it." Make plans, but don’t worry about all the things that might go wrong. Too many people live in fear of the future and dwell on their past. Neither is productive in helping you become extraordinary.
For a long time I believed there would be this moment when I "arrived." 
  • When the book got published
  • When the show hit a million downloads
  • When I met the girl of my dreams

When you live in constant anticipation of your arriving at a destination, you forget to enjoy the journey. Extraordinary people keep going long after they've arrived because they just love to travel. Epic journeys are made up of little moments along the way.
-By Srinivas Rao.


jvr said...

GM master and friends,

There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle

- Albert Einstein.

venkatapathy l said...

Namaste Ilango Sir

Perseverance. Throughout my life it is perseverance that made me accomplished in my chosen field of activity. Now, of course, in the same way I reached a certain level of competence in the market also.

I am ever grateful to you sir. You forced me to keep off from tipsters and made me independent.

It is not only the market and finance where you made me independent, but more importantly, in life through your Saturday posts.

I will fondly cherish the memories of your Saturday's posts more than your teachings about the market; because these posts polish me to be a good human being.

With love and regards,



Good Morning Sir & All Friends.

varun kumar said...

Good morning sir & all my friends

Ilango said...


Many, many Happy returns of the day.

Best wishes.


Sujatha said...

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Julius - hi யாரோ உங்களை மெரீனா பீச் பக்கம் பார்த்ததா தினமலர் பேப்பர்ல பார்த்தேன் ஆடி 18 கொண்டாட்டமா இல்லை நிப்டி கொண்டாட்டமா அது சரி ரஜினி மருமகன் சுனாமில ஸ்விம்மிங் பேர்டுவார்னா நான் தரையிலேயே ஸ்விம்மிங் போடுவேன் hehe lolz

Sir - "Make plans, but don’t worry about all the things that might go wrong." very nice one
what a wave??? good picture too..EW wave and this wave is equal in speed?? :)

Sujatha said...


Have a nice week end

anand said...

Good Morning Sir,
Great idea...and how much we can relate to these words !

"developing any skill seems to have a similar curve. You start out incompetent. Then you develop competence. That eventually leads to skill, which leads to performance. The funny thing is, even after you reach the level that could be viewed as performance, you’ll plateau again. But if you keep trying you’ll break through the plateau, and when you hit the next one, you’ll be exponentially better than you were before."

-> May all of us are blessed with the perseverance needed to become a successful surfer!

jvr said...


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shriram said...

Wonderful Master.

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marina s rao said...

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ndhannani said...

hi Ilango sir and everyone.. i am new here and want to learn how to trade using JNSAR. From what i understood.. is it that we should go long if nifty moves above JNSAR level with a 20 points SL and similarly go short if it moves below JNSAR? i apologize if my question sounds naive but please guide me towards it. Thanks all..

Indian Trader said...

@ Never Give up

Many Happy returns of the day !!!!!!
Happy Birthday...

@ ndhannani
yes u r right :)

Welcome to Just Nifty.. :)

Suraj said...

Never Give Up

My Guru Bhai, Happy Birthday to you.


numchar said...

Some time I wonder human life also moves in wave form ...we achieve our goals job , marriage , family , money ( impulse ) and most of the time we are correcting the impulse ..reaching plateau ..having insights ,paradigm sift and new impulse is created with quantum jump . Some time corrections in life last longer .
Only if we knew corrections and impulse don't last long ...we would ride the wave of life as objective person .

That's why our forefather said at the time of despair and hopelessness ..this will also pass on .

@Never Give up!
Wish you lots of wishes on your B'day

paddy said...


Excellent message!! LV Sir, thanks for sharing your experience!!

Never Give Up, Best Wishes!! Baba's Blessings to you!!

SANPOT said...

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Sorry Sir & All Friends was not available since yesterday & thanks a lot, thanks a lot for your wishes.

Charan Sparsh Sir...

shazra said...

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wishing you a very happy birthday.

thank you for the wonderful post sir.

Piyush Sharda said...

never give up,

happy birthday

Anandha said...

@ Ilango, Sir still do you see i is done or still it is on its way down.

Iris said that it may be into iii wave. Possible?

Your views build more confidence in moving ahead with sticking to guns.

rajiv malik said...

happy friendship day to ilango ji and all friends at just nifty. i like the following quote on this day-
एक जमाना था जब दोस्ती का प्रतिक "कृष्ण" और "सुदामा" हुआ करते थे और आजकल एक दिन का फ्रेंडशिप बैंड और मेसेज ..!

rajiv malik said...

businessline on nifty

Nifty (5,677.9)

The Nifty closed on a very weak note on Friday, near its intra-week low. It is quite obvious now that the C wave or the third part of the corrective move that commenced at the May peak is currently in motion. This wave has the downward targets of 5,683, 5,566 and then 5,430.

Since the index has already achieved the first target, a pause is possible. But the wave formation indicates that downward momentum is building in the index and it can head lower for the targets mentioned above.

If there is rebound early next week, the index can move up to 5,818 or 5,850. Strong close above 5,850, where the 200-day moving average is placed will signal a reversal in the short-term down-trend.

The medium-term view remains unaltered. The medium-term trend is currently sideways. But since this move follows an uptrend, the long-term outlook for the index will not be under threat as long as the index trades above 5,450.

Jigar said...

Thank you sir.

( Sir if there is anything inappropriate in below mentioned points to ndhannani than please delete my comment and accept my apologies for the same. )


Welcome to JN. Your basic understanding on JNSAR is correct, but I would recomend you to ask few questions to yourself OR learn from observations of past to do your homework completely before you put your capital,

1. What JNSAR levels are you going to choose ? i.e. todays JNSAR or tomorrows JNSAR ? whatever you decide that should be used for all your trades henceforth.

2. There are situations when market closes between todays JNSAR and tomorrow's JNSAR, what will be your action in such situation ?

3. Situation when JNSAR got triggered for long and market continued in a very narrow range and around closing it closed just 10 points below JNSAR, in that case your stoploss is not triggered but it closed below JNSAR, what will be your action ?

4. You are in a trade and next day market opens huge gap up in opposite direction of your trade and price is far away from JNSAR what will you do ?

My point is, whatever answer you get to the above questions you should ALWAYS follow only those answers in all situations if you are new and looking to trade JNSAR as a system in mechanical way.

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