Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Nifty's weekly downward momentum broke last major low of "5566".


Manish said...


Jai Ho !

Jai Jai Ho !!!


JNSAR . Yes, Jai Jai Ho !!
What matters most for new comers ?
Whipsaws ? Fear of loss ? Fear of wrong handling ? Gap Up/Dn ?
See results of last trade depending upon qty traded & part booking.
Surely not less than 400 for anybody.Still goint on.
Think .If one use Stop loss 20 than 400 divide 20 = 20 wrong trades if made, loss will be recovered in a single trade.How many wrong trade one need to become independent if complete system is given ? Imagine after gaining experience.Those who traded normally calculate the margin paid,no of days , % return on investmets.
There is no reason not to trade JNSAR agressively.
" Even a thousand mile Journey Begins with Firs Step."
" The water of even a Great Ocean comes one ' Drop ' at a time."
Steve Nison

Adrian Jose said...

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to … ... Ilango Sir,
from your guidance, great kindness and patience and
I wish to say a heartfelt thank you.

sanchjit J said...


Is the 'C' wave usually a 5 wave pattern on day time frame ? ... 'A' was a 5 wave and 'B' an ABC, now the ongoing 'C' ... if a 5 wave , looks like it has jus started .

And moreover the fundamentals(earnings)to my eyes don't look too bad for a deep fall.

gauresh59 said...

Everything Happens For A Reason .
No One Can Change.
But With Positive - Circle Make It To Happen !!

Some people want it to happen,
Some wish it would happen,
Others make it happen.

God is Great...
Only thing is to be yourself.

Iris said...


Having some serious doubt regrading E-Wave. Pls reply so as I can trade without any fear and have a clear perception of current trend.

In your EOD chart it is marked that iii has started. i ended near 5676 and ii near 5809/ 5761.

But also whole down move from 6093 has been marked as 5 wave form and we are in 5th wave as per last chart update at 3 p.m

Master my doubt is if this is starting of iii wave then where does (v) wave ended.

Or we have changed our perception and wave markings as market is evolving according to price action and now those (i)to (v) wave forms marked in red bold need to be removed.

SGRaman said...

In the MACD graph, positive divergence is visible in the day chart.
Line joining previous low (5566) and today's close goes down. But the corresponding line in MACD curve goes up.

Amol Sharma said...

Is it bigger triangle pattern 5477 to 6229 then 6229 to 5566 then 5566 to 6093 and now 6093 to .......5th wave ??? triangle broken downside ??? what will be target ???

kizar khan said...

Hello Illango Master and Masters,

the down trend is over ? im at 5900 call today please any guide me to hold or sell less loss.


kizar khan said...

Hi Illango sir, last one month im following ur blog people are trading well using tiechnical words JNSAR...but im not understand Sir i tried to learn but not able to understand illango sir please help me or any blog masters to help me...almost loose somuch....886828888

varun kumar said...

@ Dear all
Can some suggest me from where i can get nifty chart in which i can draw trend lines etc.

kizar khan said...

Hello Masters, Please teach me the JNSAR this is my final life savior.........Illango master please say any one your near and dears to teach me ........8861828888

varun kumar said...

@ kizar khan,
if you are comfortable in hindi language then i can share my experience how to be with objective.

Ravi Pillai said...

Thank You for your guidance.
For what little I understood and followed or at least stuck to without doubt or hesitation I was handsomely rewarded in a weeks time.
If Only I Can Master The Nuances.
August 6, 2013 at 9:58 PM

kizar khan said...

Varun zee please give ur mobile number i will call u

varun kumar said...

@ Kizar Khan Ji,
I will call you 2mrw evening.
Thanks & Regards

kizar khan said...

Thanks so much varun ji, i will wait for ur call

Varun ji please save me im 5900 call options @20 now

Thank u illango sir

jay shah said...

dear freinds sorry i was away in the afternoon and hence could not commuicate. Many thanks to dear piyush shardaji, sanjay jaiswalji, shreeji, badriji, sandyji and harish tahkkarji for all your efforts to help me I am highly indebted to all of you. I tried everything all of you have suggested to get the market profile levels in nifty spot but still unable to do so anyways i will keep trying if and when you can help me in this i would be highly obliged dear freinds many thanks God bless you.

Anil Paliwal said...
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Anil Paliwal said...

Hello Varun Kumar Ji,

I also need your help. My cell# is 9424469068.

Please give me your number as well. I will call you.

Anil Paliwa

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

@Jay Shah,

I have provided the values for you at : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nifty-Pulse/184245978372849

Thanks & Regards

varun kumar said...

@ Ilango sir ji,
in past, when i was loosing my concentration and getting away from tendency of being objective, full of fear during trade action time, you were guided me and due course of time i was able to adopt the same and now following the JNSAR very well with your blessing.

I saw the request from Mr Kizar Khan & Anil Paliwal and want to share my experience and some little bit learning about JNSAR to Mr. Kizar Khan & Anil Paliwal. In influence of my emotions i made the promise to call them on telephone but later on i felt that i have broken the conduct of rules and regualation of our blog & i will never repeat the same.
sorry for the same and i request you to kindly permit me for calling to both Mr. for sharing of my exp.
Thanku sir
Gd Night

Sandy said...

kizar khan - Always book losses if 10%(Max 20%) of your investment is gone as a principle. Sit back and think. Follow Day JNSAR for trend direction and if prices are too far off from Hour JNSAR (say over 100-120 points) exit and wait for the prices to come closer to Hour JNSAR (Say within 20 points) reinitiate trade in the direction of the trend. Follow the Ilango's Golden words (yellow highlighted) and forget that you have any brain. Follow like a chlid follows his father 80%-90% times he is right. Options are to be baught ATM(at the money) and preferably at the begining of the trend and to be held till the trend gets over (Sit tight). Options are a very complex intrument as you have to handle time value of money and hence buying / selling in future is better provided you have funds. The downtrend doesn't look like over yet. I hope Ilango will also revert to ou.

kizar khan said...

Thank you somuch sandy sir

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