Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nifty has done a "Pause Day"..adjusting to the oversold short term.

The above chart shows two ideal scenarios. It could vary a bit in real markets. If moves past 5460, the whole corrective set up changes.
< 5370 - 5410> would be the early indications of Bear/ Bull openings. Remember only closing prices alter the technical set ups. Aggressive trader would follow the Hour Closes with due considerations to Day/ week TA and conservative trader should follow Day Closes with more weightage to Week/ Month TA.


mynac said...

just 2 days to go for expiry and huge addition in 5300 PE this series is surprising,as well as huge roll over in NF next series is heartening sign for BUlls from here.Bulls would try hard from here,to gain their control from here.

manojag said...

+ div seen in 30 min tf in rsi,macd cci

STOCK4SURE said...

Human Clock
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Dinesh Rishi said...

GM to all


Mr.rrknan Open low is same what u say?

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