Friday, August 15, 2014

If only our mind is like a plain mirror....

"I do not wish to work under someone. I want to run my own business. For that, I need capital and experience. So I am working as a sales representative in an organization. But in this profession, I have to go from house to house; organization to organization. In order to meet a person, I have to wait for hours together. Even to get an appointment to see someone, I have to visit the place several times.
Many look down upon me as a 'nuisance' and treat me so. Because of this, my self-esteem has suffered severe blows. Sometimes I feel why at all should I get into any business. Why can't I get employed as a clerk in a company?" - A young man from Thanjavur, a temple town in the State of Tamil Nadu, once wrote to me like this.
Before attempting to answer his question, let us view an incident that took place in the life of Buddha.