Saturday, May 17, 2014

Remove the veil of ignorance with continuous introspection after consistent application to see the divinity within you...

In a land where spiritual knowledge was celebrated and even revered, lived a scholar of brilliance that few could match. He had committed to memory a wide number of esoteric texts and could speak on any profound topic impromptu.
He gave the glimpse of the supreme peace to many who heard him talk, but alas, his was a heart that still sought that supreme peace itself. He successfully hid this failing under the cloak of scholarship, but how could he turn away from this restlessness? He was even surprised, that all the knowledge-gathering had left him wanting and un-satiated. He could not tolerate the paucity of inner peace any further. The pain was even deeper for him because he had no one else to share this secret failing.
So one day he set out. He told his followers and admirers that he was going on a pilgrimage all by himself. But it was not to any temple, church or synagogue he went. He walked deep into the forest where lived a Master in his humble monastery. His heart told him, there he will find the peace and understanding he yearned for; there he will get that wisdom which he did not find in books.