Saturday, May 3, 2014

Let me introduce to your greatest enemy...and your dependable protector..

Yashiko was a wealthy samurai warrior in ancient Japan. He cut a fine figure; his armour and sword were of the finest workmanship. His ornaments were of the finest variety: silver, copper, gold and bronze. He lived with his wife and elderly mother in an elegant tiled house in the best quarter of the town. His wife Ayako was considered the most beautiful woman in the kingdom, and his aged mother was much celebrated for her wisdom and learning.
Life was good for Yashiko. He had a handsome salary from the emperor, regular revenue from his many properties, and a hefty stake in a porcelain trading business. But even all this wealth was not enough for a man like Yashiko. To keep from getting bored (which was uncomfortably often) the proud and greedy samurai decided to start a moneylending business for poor people.