Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Nifty's corrections have held above 6488, quantified as 75 points from the highs..

I love the emptiness that remains in my mind, despite gathering so much of knowledge thus far.
Fortunately, I have Gajini's memory in most matters.
I sleep the moment I hit the pillow, envy of all those around me.
My energy, enthusiasm is so much, even dead cats bounce around me. As a small boy, I played in temples, playgrounds, played with all till the last one retired home and I return home when none is there to play with.
I love to share. I have been doing it all my life.
But you can't go on doing it with out going into some problems. I have been having some since the last energy exchange stopped here. And I do not like problems. And I do not like anyone judging me too as I don't judge others; I shut them out. Simple. One life. Live it the way you see it right.
On many occasions in the past, whenever some of our readers "who felt an impact/ transformations and felt like sharing it"(not a necessity), asked me to accept their "offerings"(I accept graciously my error), I told them "I'll ask them someday".
Different people get an impact in different degrees. The benefits too depends on individual's application. Besides, each one's capacity to give is another factor. I would prefer to receive only that much which is given willingly. And that will satisfy my need to have this "energy exchange" as well as many readers' needs who have been asking me to give them an opportunity to show their gratitude.
I have asked now after "sorting out my receiving problems"; I am humbled by your response & this experience as it is new to me.
"Thank you very much".
Our journey continues unaffected by any human interference as long as Divine wills it.

Nifty Intraday Update-III

Nifty Intraday Update-II

Nifty Intraday Update-I

Nifty Pre-Market View.

Corrections have been of 41 to 75 points approx, min & max.
Accordingly, if moved below 6522(6563-41) and moved towards around "6488"(6563-75).
If moves below 6474-88, last ST support is " 6457-62, 34 Hr sma,5 dema.
Corrections , during uptrend, are opportunities to initiate trades.
Corrections happen when prices have deviated from the averages(mean) by a "mile"... while prices come down to meet the averages, the averages too rise upto meet them. And then, uptrend resumes..
Notice how the intraday corrections have brought up the key 21 & 34 Hour averages from 6345 & 6400 to 6457 & 6520, a jump of 112-120 points.
Remember, uptrend is intact till prices keep closing above 34 Hr sma.(aggressively, 21 hr)
EW: From 5119 to 6343, prices sub-divided into 5 sub-waves(refer EOD charts)-1st wave.
From 6343 to 5933, prices sub-divided into 3 sub-waves(Irregular flat-bullish)-2nd wave took 65 trading days(approx). 
From 5933, the 3rd wave has commenced which will sub-divide into 5 sub-waves.
The "1"st of the 3rd wave is unfolding from 5933 and its sub-waves are being labeled in hour chart; (Labeling a sub-wave of a sub-wave is a challenging one-hence, when you see multiple scenarios in ST T/f, take a step back now & then and allow itself to reveal.)
And whenever, this 1st wave gets completed, the "2"nd wave would take time "closer to election completion", roughly 40 trading days.
During this period, "retracing the last rise" levels should guide you and also keep this "Big.3"rd wave scenario in contention. I will update the hour labels to understand the completion of 1st wave from 5933.
If irregular correction continues, it could end in the region of 6474-88 or 6457-62.
Above 6537-49, vth wave chances increases. Once 5th wave is done, a correction of larger magnitude would unfold.
Presently, monitor the last rise retrace from 6288.
I’m receiving with humility & gratitude.
I'm receiving your gifts acknowledging the teachings received in this open school.
I do not know how much of the teachings here has affected you. You alone is the best judge of that.
Hence, your contributions of any sizes are received with equal thanks becos' they are special.. (Details at Top rightside of blog)
"Thank you; I'm accepting."