Friday, October 31, 2014

Thank you for this wonderful journey.......................... We'll meet again without distractions..


Prakash Tamilnadu said...

Master we don t understand what you are saying.

Prakash Tamilnadu said...

I think we are about to welcome new face for our blog. Thank you

mynac said...

Dear Ilango,
On the contrary,we are very much thankful to you for this wonderful journey.....

AimNifty said...

Master Please ignore this noise, because there are so many silent readers who follow you and admire your efforts. Basis of this blog has always been the LEARNING. It was never meant for spoon feeding. So if someone is not following then he is to be blamed as he is entering his trade. No one is forcing him to do so. I request you to implement strict user control and allow only those people who are following rules of this blog. You can also consider Wordpress for blog and implement above features. Let us make this place noise proof instead of closing doors for all.

I Trade 4 Profit Daily said...

Thank you Master.

Cannot quarrel against your wish.

What pains, is that it took just a pest to have you down the curtains.

Hard luck to all of us students of yours.

Ashof Michael said...

Illango sir, I've tried reading the above statement a number of times, but I'm not able to decipher it.
One thing I would like to say... instead of you saying Thank you, it has to be the other way around. Thank you. Thank you from all of us. We owe you more than money can buy. Respect and gratitude.

anand said...

Thanks to you Sir....for all the time and efforts. ..and the guidance.
No clue ...for next phase of the journey...but ....Masters have their own ways....and true disciples. ...accept and follow.
Cheers! ! Have a nice weekend. !!

gs said...

master we are in need of your guidance

Bharat Kumar said...

Ilango Sir - Request you to please ignore people out here....
Guys - We all have had losses, but that does not mean we blame a person who's otherwise always helped us, guided us and benefited us.

Sir, pls come back. we need your guidance.

Sathyan.R said...

Due to somebody’s noise don’t disappoint the real followers like me who need your guide lines.
I will surely say your blog gave the confidence to me to trade. I learned a lot, very important thing is I can take decision during market hours.
Somebody hurt you I agree but for that saying Thank you is not the solution.
Filter or remove the comments column so that we can only learn what you write.
Please reconsider your decision.
With lots of love and regards,

Sudhakar said...

Dear Sir

Thank you very much for sharing the experience with us.

leon said...

Do not understand this port Sir. Hope we are not loosing you - even for the short term

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir,

You were the source of my inspiration, got lot of strength by seeing how you handled criticism with ease, please come back, at least I know, I need you...

Your truly

Sanjay Kr Jaiswal

Bullish Cartel said...

Is the blog closing sir?

San said...

Ignore the Distractions. Please continue to guide the Young ones. Many traders and analyst like me has gained great knowledge from JN.

prakash said...

Hi Ilango,
What do you mean by this ? Please dont tell me that your distracter's have made you silent .... :-(


Best Nifty said...

Sir, request you to please continue your selfless service for all of us. I can’t express in words how much have been benefited from here. Every day starts from this temple only…Thanks & regards

S N said...


I open your blog every day for trading just before trading starts. . But on Saturday, since there is no trading, I open your blog early for the nice messages inspiring and help us to become better. Alas, I was shocked to see this Thank You message. Sir, I am sure there must be reasons for your decision. Of course, looks like this is a temporary halt and the journey will resume soon.

Any how, you need this break .

I am sure you will be keen to continue your journey in educating your readers and as you say often, we have to keep adding value to our lives and make this world a better place everyday.

A suggestion. Just two daily views one before market and one after market should be able to help readers to manage the trades. Your blog has more than enough materials for one to get educated and be on own.

Certainly, we cannot afford to miss your blog .

As long as world is there, there will be noise and nuisance. Let us take the merits of life and move forward.

My Best wishes to you and your family.

Again, please take care of your Health !!

Thanks and Regards


Prabakar said...

Dear Ilango Sir,

First, i/we believe that everything is fine about your health.
Whatever you decide will be wise and will have reasons behind it, which we may not aware.
Even though i/we/many was not participated actively during market hours, i am sure they became silent followers.
Thanks for all your teachings.
Will wait till we meet again, till then wish you a nice peaceful and healthy days..


D.S.SASAN said...

Good Morning Dear Sir, Bros. & Sis's,

Have A Happy Day.

Sir, yestereday I was waiting for the EOD data given here but no data found. Now when again checked , I am shocked to read ....... I was expecting HOLIDAY KNOWLEDGE also....... Sir, you are an exclusive source of LIGHT for thousands of people. EXPECT MEETING TODAY IN THIS BLOG........ EXPECT YOU WILL CONTINUE TO SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE ALONGWITH THE SENIORS TILL THE LAST BREATH.

Nifty Win said...

Dear Master...

Very good morning.. Sorry , if any wrong msg /mail sent from myside.... Pls continue....Dont leave us.... without your guidance difficult in market.. i lost huge.. recently only i seen your blog.. and following .. learning.. Plsssssssssss.... Continue..........

Mayavan A

Bharat Kumar said...

Sir, we are in no way holding you responsible for ANY losses we've had. This is solely because of us losing our trading discipline. I request you to reconsider your decision. There are many young traders out here, like me, who need your guidance. I request you to kindly start blogging again and ignore ill speaking people.

sekhar said...

Sir we need ur support & guidance . of please continue our blog .... Deeply sad if u stop this blog. Though I lost huge money last week.we are getting very useful guidance .pls continue for us. Save us

Num Char said...

Since last many years we have seen many distractitive events. Even though this place has weathered the time and events and stood tall.
Now you have to surprise us in better way.
Abhi toh picture baki hai :)

UNKNOWN said...

Sir please ignore the noise......


சாா் நீங்க பழைய பன்னீா் செல்வமா மீண்டும் வரணும் (சத்ரியன் படம் டயலாக் )

gauresh59 said...

Dear ilango sir,


I do not understand what happened and how.....?
Why such a decision ....?

Yes, you wrote in message "We will meet again..." and that is the ray of hope for all your students.

Sir, we will wait.......and till we try to be "eklavya".
The symbol of "Just Nifty" - a flying bird may prove to be useful in getting learning vibrations to all of us during this interval. Expect this interval will end soon..........


Hoping your soft hand upon me as blessings.


gauresh59 said...

Dear ilango sir,


I do not understand what happened and how.....?
Why such a decision ....?

Yes, you wrote in message "We will meet again..." and that is the ray of hope for all your students.

Sir, we will wait.......and till we try to be "eklavya".
The symbol of "Just Nifty" - a flying bird may prove to be useful in getting learning vibrations to all of us during this interval. Expect this interval will end soon..........


Hoping your soft hand upon me as blessings.


kumar k said...

I Feel very sad.
Ilango ji please continue your blog and keep control on comments that you can avoid noise.
plz sir

MAHESH said...

I have been following your JNSAR for sometime and recently started with EW concepts hoping that i will get a guidence from a very good human being.
There are lot of followers like me who would have not commented even once on the blog like me but I am sure we cannot start a day (trading) without your inputs. Feeling very sad.
pls don't make some crooked mind's intension come true. Pls count on majority of us who respect you and really in need of you.

I am confident that i can see you on Monday as usual.

I am waiting.

rj said...

@ ALL .. a true master never leaves or forget his diciples, why everyone thinking about master is going or this blog is shutting down, just think how much he loves us can he go anywhere he cannot , he knows everything....he knows his path to teach all of us ,love us n bless us....master is giving all of us a corrective 4th wave....believe in him when when it will end the 5th will the best of ever , lango sir i just want to say you that i believe in you, i love you , i bow to you......may god bless you with health n happiness...thanks a ton for everything.

Crorepathi said...

a) Is this response to DR's good bye?
b) Is it going to be Read Only Blog?
c) Invisible forces forcing free advice bloggers to close?

Any ways, Thank you today I am making money only because of you, and your BN wave counts are the North Star of my trading!

-venkat, chennai

rj said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Roshan Baheti said...

GM everybody.Looks like Master is giving us hint of markets Topping Out for time being...... He is giving us an advance hint, I suppose....What say other Blog mates and experts ??

Rasendra Zala said...

Good morning Sir.
Whenever no directon, you give direction.
Whenever darkness,you give me light.
you are the lighthouse,Don't blow out it.

hardeep thakur said...

This can't be true Sir. I'm following your blog since 1-2 years and saw you are very passionate about sharing your knowledge. We might forget to read, but you don't forget to post whether you are well or not or its midnight but your post keep coming.
Please don't stop this journey. We need you.......

Take care of yourself.

Hardeep Thakur

murli said...


Please Come Back for all your students

murli said...

Illango Sir

Please Come back for all your students

Crorepathi said...

Got it
It's going to be a moderated blog hereafter
goodbye to distractors!
Welcome move.

kumar k said...

Though u r open to everybodys views some may take u as granted .so discipline is required.

Raghavendra said...

Dear Ilango sir & JN Friends

Its has been a wonderful journey on JN Blog for me on Life and Trading. I am ever thankful for your contributions.

Being a true master and dedicating a part of life to teaching and sharing - i hope there would be another platform for us to continue our interactions.

chetan said...

Dear Master,
We all feel blessed for this Journey with you.And we all need your guidance & support.

Harsh Mehta said...

Sir, we are thankful to you.

SK Mishra said...

Good morning Master! This page was my home page and will remain as my home page till another way to read you is available. Thank you for your teaching. So many silent readers like me may or may not respond here, but one thing is certain that a true teacher knows best what he should do with his students. It is a test time for all of sincere students. Let us keep up the effort of Gurudev of self-less service. I urge some senior student can take the lead of keeping the spirit of the blog. He will guide in time of requirement. Thank you!

Abraham John said...

I am afraid Sir, you have just granted your enemies (I mean, those who consider you as an enemy for good reasons though you dont consider anyone as yours) what they always wanted. That is to somehow get this blog closed down. Had this blog continued in its journey with its methodical teaching of conquering the market, many who make a living with their "90% accuracy calls" as their sole business and bread earner, would have been in serious trouble. Unfortunately it seems, now they are going to have the last laugh. After all it is Kali Yuga. My humble request to the Master is not to fall prey to their shenanigan methods. They know you are a straight forward but sensitive person. They just know how to provoke you Sir.

krishna said...

We will meet again without distractions....Our only hope is your last sentence.
As you always say , nothing can distract me but this time some force has made you to take this decision. We respect it.
It is because of you , i am surviving in this financial jungle.I have learned a b c d of trading here.Your teachings made me to look at trading differently and you always insist to be independent , Now i am independent. Credits to you only sir.

I always remember your teachings throughout my life and thankful to a great human being.

Come back soon sir, your students are waiting..

Ganesh IC said...

Good Morning Sir & JN Family,

Silent followers like me have still ray of hope from Ilango sir's second sentence-

"We'll meet again without distractions.. "

Prabhanshu Raman said...


Sir is opening another blog in wordpress. Read below:

I'm moving to wordpress and wish to have only those viewers/ users who are serious of sharing my experience and those who wish to share theirs in an unbiased manner.

I wish to start this journey "all over again" from ground zero to benefit beginners in an improved, refined manner.

I tried sending the invitation to gmail account of those who showed their gratitude to my services in the past but it failed. Let me know your "wordpress ID" so that we can continue this journey uninterrupted.

Please create/ register for a account and send me a mail with that ID to join me in an exclusive site.

I will continue with my EOD posts at "JustNifty" for a month or two only. But the detailed Pre-Market, Intraday updates, etc will continue only at

Venkat said...

I am new here, less than 3 months. Everyday has been great learning. This blog has become my second home. I need your guidance and support, so do most of us here.
Master, kindly point us to the place where "We'll meet again without distractions".
Best Wishes

saravanan k said...

Dear Ilango sir,

Have sent a bunch of mails, however, writing a line in this blog is uncomparabale, thanks for this opportunity.
Hope to see you back with a bang...
Bang the distractors away.


arvindkering said...

Ilango sir,
You have taught us the real right way to trade, the market is full of Gurus who cheat, but your dedication and ever inspiring spirit has given us a ray of hope in this financial maze, I can only request you to please continue. God Bless you

ChangeMaster said...

My sincere pranam to you sir.......may god bless you

rasasen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Prabha Gopalkrishna said...

OMG ...Cant digest this news Master...why..please do come back...You are the inspiration..

Suvendu Kumar said...

Dear Sir,
Is it possible to read ur advice in future by donating to JN family,I am new to ur blog plz guide me

dhina said...

Dear sir,

Because of one or two people we full team suffering

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