Saturday, December 29, 2012

The story of one person is the story of all of humanity

“If the whole world is evil, then the tragedy that befell you is justified," she went on. "That would make it easier for you to accept the deaths of your wife and daughters. But if good people do exist, then, however much you deny it, your life will be unbearable; because fate set a trap for you, and you know you didn't deserve it.”
“About the nature of human beings. I discovered that confronted by temptation, we will always fall. Given the right circumstances, every human being on this earth would be willing to commit evil.”
It isn't the desire to abide by the law that makes everyone behave as society requires, but the fear of punishment. Each one of us carries a gallows inside us.”
An old legend tells of how a certain city in the Pyrenees mountains used to be a stronghold for drug-traffickers, smugglers and exiles.
The worst of them all, called Ahab, was converted by a local monk, Savin, and decided that things could not continue like that.
As he was feared by all, but did not want to use his fame as a thug to make his point, at no moment did he try to convince anyone. Knowing the nature of men as well as he did, they would only take honesty for weakness and soon his power would be put in doubt.
So what he did was call some carpenters from a neighboring town, hand them a drawing and tell them to build something on the spot where now stands the cross that dominates the town. Day and night for ten days, the inhabitants of the town heard the noise of hammers and watched men sawing bits of wood, making joints and hammering in nails.
At the end of ten days the gigantic puzzle was erected in the middle of the square, covered with a cloth. Ahab called all the inhabitants together to attend the inauguration of the monument.
Solemnly, and without making any speech, he removed the cloth.
It was a gallows. With a rope, trapdoor and all the rest. Brand-new, covered with bee’s wax to endure all sorts of weather for a long time.
Taking advantage of the multitude joined together in the square, Ahab read a series of laws to protect the farmers, stimulate cattle-raising and awarding whoever brought new business into the region, and added that from that day on they would have to find themselves an honest job or else move to another town. He never once mentioned the “monument” that he had just inaugurated; Ahab was a man who did not believe in threats.
At the end of the meeting, several groups formed, and most of them felt that Ahab had been deceived by the saint, since he lacked the courage he used to have. So he would have to be killed. For the next few days many plans were made to this end. But they were all forced to contemplate the gallows in the middle of the square, and wondered: What is that thing doing there? Was it built to kill those who did not accept the new laws? Who is on Ahab’s side, and who isn’t? Are there spies among us?
The gallows looked down on the men, and the men looked up at the gallows. Little by little the rebels’ initial courage was replaced by fear; they all knew Ahab’s reputation, they all knew he was implacable in his decisions. Some people abandoned the city, others decided to try the new jobs offered them, simply because they had nowhere to go or else because of the shadow of that instrument of death in the middle of the square. One year later the place was at peace, it had grown into a great business center on the frontier and began to export the best wool and produce top-quality wheat.
The gallows stayed there for ten years. The wood resisted well, but now and again the rope was changed for another. It was never put to use. Ahab never said a single word about it. Its image was enough to change courage to fear, trust to suspicion, stories of bravado to whispers of acceptance.
-in “The Devil and Miss Prym” by Paulo Coehlo.



Good Morning Sir & All Friends.

Suraj said...

Dear Ilango Sir,

"Fear of punishment' that is what is missing today. Baddies are free to do anything as nothing happens to them and only victim suffers after the crime. Such a state of affairs.


Dinesh Rishi said...

Good Morning Master and copy to All.

Police is friendly now a days they have changed, accepting bribe is nightmare for them

now the Justice procedure requires a change so people have fear of punishment and not of police.

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I need to update records.

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Prabha Gopalkrishna said...

When the Delhi Gang Rape Victim has DIED....
Fear of punishment is a must....Dont collect fees as punishment [example.. If you r not wearing the helmet..put them in jail atleast for hours...the 'fear' will make youngsters to wear the helmet]...But for the Rogues...if they commit mistakes ...for they dont fear of jail...cut their legs or hands...



Inspired & thought of fate of Mother INDAI
Freedom 1947 Today 2012 = 65 years.
Rulers :BRITISH,Cong,BJP,Alliances....
What changes we made ? Why not made ? When maturity ? Where is law & order ? Justice ?
Ruling clss enjoy at the cost of people.People
allowes them to eat Eco-progress of next generation.Sufferings because highest tollerance power in the world ! Are we not unjustifying to ourselves & next generation to come ?
Oh GOD,at least you save us !

Rajesh Rekhani said...

Burma has got jail sentence even for a traffic rule violation. Nobody dares to violate the traffic rule even. In India we cannot even imagine stringent laws as the Lawmakers(politicians) themselves are culprits.

When they discussed Lokpal, their first point was past deeds should be spared....

So donot expect stringent laws for Rape as well...

Parimal said...

Feeling despair, sad, let down, abysmally low-- She died. her death is our failure as a society. we as a nation failed. all our lofty talks of great civilization and rich culture are proved to be mere vanity.
seems, no hope remains.
what have we done to deserve this!!

gauresh59 said...

Now she is no more ... I pray...that...(( unki atmaa ko shanti dena .. )) have no other words to say ... become speechless...

But have to accept the reality with courage and have to be bold enough.

It is indeed a very sad and a shameful makes all of us ask a question - Are we really independent?

DNSHUKLA said...

Unfortunately rules are already there but there is no willpower to implement it.The Culprit Ram Singh and gang has looted Rs 8000 and mobile from a carpenter before committing the rape. That carpenter went to lodge the complaint but police did not take any action rather threatened him. Based on his description if they have alerted on wireless the fellow could have caught some where since he passed through 4 barricades where police was there. Moreover there is rule that cars and buses can not have tinted glasses but in the last 6 years not a single bus was challaned for tinted glasses. After this incidence they challaned more than 600 buses. Unfortunately an innocent daughter, loving sister died a violent death. Whether we rather guardians of democracy, police will learn from the mistake? A big doubt.......

Kumar said...

Namaskaaram GuruJi and Friends,

Good Evening.


gauresh59 said...
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Dinesh Rishi said...
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sometimesbullsometimesbear said...

We need to identify the problem first.

There are multifaceted causes for the Delhi incident and other incidents.

One of the problem areas is the glamor industry.

My solution is simple.

Levy 20% additional tax over and above the maximum 30% income tax on Performers like Rakhi Sawant/Malaika Arora/Mallika Sherawat/Katrina/Kareena/Priyanaka and other Performers including male ones like John Abraham and other male hunks who MAKE A LIVING OUT OF TITILLATING THE AUDIENCE AND EXCITING THEM!!!

Since the producers of the Performance are also responsible, they should also be taxed 50% extra.

This 20% extra money earned should be used to have Fast track courts/dedicated judges/special investigating teams for lust crimes/and all other possible gadgets and training that can be provided to this group.

Accepted that men need to behave responsibly and decently, it is the equal responsibility of women to present themselves decently and not blindly imitate Western culture, dress habits, and behavior!!!


Ilango said...

The comments are highly radical and no different from the insensitive politicians.

The easiest thing is to point fingers at everyone else except ourselves. This would be another excuse to control people. We do not need controls, we need freedom…freedom to do whatever we aspire to as long as it does not hurt another.

Look at the headlines this morning:

PM, Sonia receives the body at the Airport.

Sheila Sikshit & Home secretary at the funeral.

As a society, we continue to be


"when it does not matter at all" and

Not present

"when it matters most during one's struggle & Journey".

You're there either at


or at


Life is never at the boarding place & destinations but "a journey".

Where are these authorities when it matters most?. The policemen failed to act on the carpenter’s complaint just they failed to act on such innumerable complaints. There is no responsibility but they all have authority. What is the reason for criminals to have “no fear” at all for the Laws of the country? – Simply because the authorities…police, bureaucrats and politicians have started to use these criminals for their own use at the cost of public service.
If you choose your leaders based on caste, religion, they will only cater to those factors. Unfortunately the bulk of the voters, the rural public, is still caught in such divisive politics. The slow reach of education would change it tomorrow. Till then, this struggle would continue.

There have been "titillation" even before "Rakhi Sawant/Malaika Arora/Mallika Sherawat/Katrina/Kareena/Priyanaka and other Performers" came on the scene. Rape was still there.

Rape has been there even before "Western culture" was born.

If these are the reasons, I watch these women's titillating dances. I dress up in the western fashion. I have embraced many western cultures & behaviour and so did many of my acquaintances and friends & relatives.

And I'm not a rapist and they aren't either.

Problem is not the dress or cinema, though they could be said to be adding their bit to the "perversity" in some minds.
Problem is people's intentions.

Problem is people's tolerance towards injustices.

Problem is people's avoidance of confrontation with injustices whether it is directed at themselves or their neighbours.

Even a dog stands up and fight for its territory single handedly. Men fear and get frozen. Animals don’t.

It is the fear borne out of doubt that makes men cringe away from facing the wrongs of the society and avoiding it as long as it does not concern themselves .....
till the day....
the "wrong" lands itself at their doorstep.

How many have risked everything in their lives for such a principled stand?

How many, after having lost once in such a fashion, have gone ahead and risked everything again to uphold justice?

The number is few only. Until the day this number starts to pick up pace and outmaneuver the "cowards in the society", a lasting change is far away.

Incidents such as "Jyoti Singh's ordeal" have started to pick the pace up and coming generations would truly live in a free world.

Parimal said...

You are very correct, Dear Master.
we actually want someone 'else' to clean the floor. it is someone 'else's' duty. at the same time i enjoy being 'dutiful'. i don't want to pay the price. i am boughed down by my own cowardice and selfcentredness. i only contributed handsomely to a fast degenerated society. consequences are bound to be there, here and now, onto me and/or someone nearby.

Randhir said...

Now dont enjoy vacation on election (voting) day...go stand in queue may be for hour....but go and vote for right candidate....

SANPOT said...

Good evening Ilango Sir. You have stated the fact. Charity begins at home. First we must be able to fight for our own justice, be able to protect ourselves fearlessly irrespective of the consequences and only then we will be able to protect the soceity.The person who bears the injustice is more sinful than the one who inflicts it on him.

SANPOT said...

A strong mental power is required to fight against this evil money and muscle power.Thank you Sir for the great post.

sometimesbullsometimesbear said...

Dear Ilango absolutely agree with all that you said. Perfect.

I must add that right at the outset I mentioned that the problem and solution I have identified is only one of the many, and not the only one. Probably the glamour industry contributes to 20% of the problem and they need to take responsibility. That is all I meant. Thx all for being kind and not shooing me down.

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