Friday, December 7, 2012

Nifty weakens in the ST with a close below momentum giving 5DHEma-5912.


Arun v said...

History says that Nifty will jump the hurdles if there a reason, now its there- FDI- Monday opening above 5950

Shradha Saburi said...

@ Dear Parminderji
J10 SAR and JNSAR blog has been updated

Dinesh Rishi said...

Ilango said...
Please Do not make this a "Call Centre".
December 7, 2012 3:22 PM
Mr. N Ram

Plz this msg is for you


Shradha Saburi

Plz dont post your link every now and than

If your blog havs sweetness flies will automatically come there

Dinesh Rishi said...

Shradha Saburi said...
@ Dear Parminderji
J10 SAR and JNSAR blog has been updated

Parminder ji you are reprimanded if you have
requested for update

Nandi Sharma said...

Mr.Dinesh Rishi!

Mr.N.Ram can not post here anything & Shradha Saburi's contribution has no meaning for you.

Mr.Rajiv Malik can not post Business Line write-up here.

No body can do anything & you have not do anything except Food & YouTube links. What kind of contribution you are giving here? I did not understand that why Shri Lango ji having your blog in his BLOG ROLL though he deleted so many genuine contributors when they started paid services. Its only you who succeeded to convince him through your SWEETEST WORDS.

Its not a good habit to raise your fingers upon everyone. Sometimes it looks that you dont want to enter anyone else on this blog. Did you think, if Mr.Ram & Shradha Saburi will be doing in goodwill that what kind of insult they may be feeling this time. I may be wrong in my assessment but think again if u feel dat i am telling right. Do not say now that we are friends, kindly avoid insulting other members of JN Family.


Nifty Poppy said...

Dinesh Rishi,
lol..You are rude..Cheers!

Dinesh Rishi said...

Nandi Sharma

I am reading your post first time but still I will clear all your doubts one by one.
You said Mr.N.Ram can not post here anything

Can you show me where & when I said he cannot post anything?


& Shradha Saburi's contribution has no meaning for you.

Yes, its useless he is just twisting JNSAR & J10SAR nothing else It means he dont have faith in Masters levels. If you find anything useful there I would be glad to learn, plz show me.

Mr.Rajiv Malik can not post Business Line write-up here.

Again reply is same it means one don’t have faith on Masters analysis.

If the Business line analysis was something special Master would have added the link in his blog list.

And regarding my Youtube and food links by me

I think you are not regular visitor here else you must be knowing I have stopped all that long back


If you want your garden clean weeding is must.

Otherwise people will make this place fish market.

Dinesh Rishi said...

Nifty Poppy

Yes I am

Like coconut, my friends know this.

Ashish Agarwal said...

DR ji,

Salute to your uprightness and straight forward honesty! More than that, you take the inevitable brickbats on the front foot!
Agree with your statements there!

rajiv malik said...

business line's views on nifty are reproduced below for the benefit of one and all ! our revered master and the moderator of this blog shri ilango ji has full freedom and discretion to remove this comment.

Nifty (5,907.4)

Nifty too reached the key resistance at 5950 indicated last week and is biding its time there. The hanging man pattern followed by a black candle pattern on daily chart does not bode well for the near-term. There could be correction in the beginning of the week to 5839 or 5800.

The short-term trend will be threatened only on close below 5800, making the index head towards the next supports at 5750 and 5700.

If Nifty manages a move above 5950 early next week, short-term target would be 6082.

We retain the view that the index faces strong medium term hurdle at current levels.

If it manages to move higher, next target would be 6122.

The index needs to close below 5500 to reverse the positive medium term view.

Dinesh Rishi said...

Rajiv Malik Sir,

Bacchey ki jaan loggey kya

Of late I have also started reading

"business line's views on nifty"

Dinesh Rishi said...

Rajiv Malik Sir,

I being met you in personal and seen your dashing & spiritual personality (violet aura)

Malik Sahab I want your help now.

Virtual People with underwear name and a Number which is not accepted in any community in their e-mail ID are provoking me.

do you accept this?

rajiv malik said...

loving dinesh rishi ji,

today i want to share publicly that i love you and respect you a lot. the very fact that ilango ji has given you so much authority and freedom on his blog shows that he too admires you for your qualities of head and heart.

i hope nandi sharma ji and other friends also realise that you are a coconut which is full of sweet juice.

it is my fault that it took me so long to realise this but now that i have realised this, let me appeal to everyone including nandi, shraddha saburi and n ram to see the true human being in you, who is actually very honest, dedicated and loving and is essentially here to guide and help one and all.

i also understand and appreciate that someone who disciplines others has quite a difficult job at hand. there will always be people who will get hurt in the process.

finally let all of us realise that dinesh ji is a great brother and friend and his intentions are beyond doubt to help one and all so that we can earn money under the guidance of ilango ji through this great institution just nifty of which we are all proud family members.

let us focus on earning money through the great information that is available here at just nifty absolutely free of cost and selflessly. let us follow the jnsar system presented to us by our beloved ilango ji.

if dinesh rishi ji is helping ilango ji to run this blog more efficiently so that he can focus his energies on guiding us and fine tuning the jnsar system and the technicals so that we all are benefited and get rich slowly but inevitably.

love and regards

rajiv malik said...

dear dinesh ji,

if you thought i am behind this post of nandi sharma ji, it is absoluetly incorrect. maybe nandi ji can himself clarify on this that i have no connection whatsoever with him and do not know him at all.

in fact our differences were beautifully settled here on this very platform with the intervention of our mutual friend dear javed akhtar saheb sometime back and i was in fact shocked to see myself quoted here by nandi which i thought will lead to some kind of misunderstanding between you and myself.

finally god has given me the power to deal with all kind of circumstances directly and boldly and i am not one of those-

"Virtual People with underwear name and a Number which is not accepted in any community in their e-mail ID are provoking me.

do you accept this?"

i would never accept this and will deal with you directly with this very avatar. moreover now that i have realised your true coconut swaroopam, i will enjoy the sweet nectar in you and just discard the cover.

love and regards

N Ram said...

Hello DR,

It is not a buy and sell call. If you notice my posts, it is all levels and may be in one post it was missed out. Ok. As you rightly said, if guys want to benefit from my analysis, let them visit my blog. No more posts here as I am having my own blog why should I post here. thanks a lot for pointing out.

Dinesh Rishi said...

N Ram

Plz ping me Bro

Dinesh Rishi said...

Rajiv Sir

Thanks to Bahlooo.

I can see him smiling with his tips of lisps

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