Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nifty Pre-Market View.

Nifty broke the channel as it generally does during 4th wave completion.
1st sub-wave showed a clear 5 waves from the lows from 5823 to 5906 & has paused.
The next set may have commenced from "5892" or any lows it makes during opening hour.
A min. target may be 5892+79=5971 or "xxxx(morning low)+79". Target may be revised to 79 x 1.618 times depending on the sub-waves unfolding.
Not moving up in this fashion should alert us of "correction continuing". (alt. view)
FII's are buying consistently; VIX near its low range; TA UP;
Now look for higher supports holding - 5875/81-5DSma/5DEma.
Minor resistances are @ 5928-39.
"JNSAR Table would show trades being taken @ 5825NS which was part of Pre-Mkt strategy as well as Intraday affirmation".


San said...

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TATA Steel chart analysis: CLICK HERE


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Suraj said...

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salimkabani said...

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Nilesh Patil said...

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varun kumar said...

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venkatapathy l said...

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Shradha Saburi said...

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wish you all happy trading Day!!

Unknown said...

Dear illango, gm. I was doing some reading on the broadening top/ megaphone formation, which is currently unfolding in our market. it seems that the 3rd peak formation for a higher top is underway. However, what the theory also says, "" is that THIS IS A BEARISH SIGN"". Would you agree?? n if so, what may be the consequences in our market?? Please throw light on this view.


Dinesh Rishi Sir,
Thanks for your acknowledgement. @ 9.40 PM
I noted your"Last 50%VOL of candles imp."It is educative & interesting.
@ Srinivasaj ji.
For I-D trading I use only J.candle concept.4 horizontal line previous day H/L/C & open, Vol.
No other study whatsoever.5M stretch area,Yesterday fall obviously O/S, need not to confirm with RSI chart.Next I look how my trade taken by emas/osci explainned yesterday.
For positional trades I am ardent followers of JNSAR.(2)EMA H/L/C system combine with J candles.

srinivasan k said...

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amber said...

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Parimal said...

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Yash and Dhan said...

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Hari said...

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Parimal said...
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Parimal said...

Tata Steel again above 200DMA. should it sustain above, may see better days.
Jindal Steel is also above 200DMA.

Nilesh Deshpande said...

ATR Based Trading Signals

Buy Zone : From 5865.8 to 5850.3

Breakdown below : 5847.2

Breakdown target : 5839.8

Sell Zone : From 5927.8 to 5943.3

Breakout above : 5946.4

Breakout target : 6010

Shradha Saburi said...

Partly booked the profit 5930

Stockathon said...

Good Morning Ilango Sir & Friends...

prakashbkc said...

5928-5938 is minor resistances why profit booking there also banknifty broken out of range

Shashank Gaikwad said...

"JNSAR Table would show trades being taken @ 5825NS which was part of Pre-Mkt strategy as well as Intraday affirmation".

You ask us to follow one method and stick to it. However, you yourself change the JNSAR table according to any method that suits you and shows a profit. Practically, no one could have bought at 5825 low yesterday as the movement was so fast.

If JNSAR table is going to be updated just to show profits, then don't call it JNSAR table and confuse newcomers who are seeing this table and thinking that trading with JNSAR will give so much profit. Call it conservative table/ aggressive table/ profit table or whatever. And if you are calling it JNSAR table, then show the performance of following one method, as per JNSAR, with filter or without filter. This would be of real help to the people here. Afterall, isn't that the main purpose of this blog? To educate people and empower them. By showing these false performances, we are not being empowered, instead, we are being fooled into beleiving something, which is practically not possible.

rajapvt said...

5800 PE OI increasing towards 1Cr, 5800 CE OI decreased and price increased, meaning the profit booking happening in longs?

Parminder said...

Master ilango and friends,
good morning to all

Indus said...

@Mr. Gaikwad

Stop wasting time...relabel as you wish...follow if you wish or run away

FYI...If you followed premarket, trades between 5825-30 NS were very possible

Parminder said...

Hi, shashank
being so ardent follower of the blog u should be aware what the master had said in yesterday pre market before the market made lows and repeatedly in market time to take a trade near 5820 and the market was there near lows for at least 10-15 min
also he was there to guide us all.
Just giving his views and guiding us all at the right time.if u dont like the table or his views just stick to Jnsar and guide urself

buggie advani said...

Mr Gaikwad
shhhhhhh no noise move on

cooldent said...

Shashank Gaikwad

Practically, no one could have bought at 5825 low yesterday as the movement was so fast.

Would be happy to show you my contract note :)

Sandip Patel said...
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eevra said...

I went long 2 5829 Y'DY BSED ON master's hints..

Parimal said...

My Dear Shashank
as finely advised by others, please follow or run. dont, please dont defile the atmosphere here. let us do the work in peace, please!!

eevra said...

sorry pls read " went long @ 5829 based on master's hints "

Shashank Gaikwad said...

Mr. Indus,

Thanks for your suggestions. I will do what I have to do. You mind your own business.

Parminder and all,
I have given a suggestion which in my opinion should be the ideal way of showing performance. Think about it with an open mind. If everyone feels it is ok as it is and that performance is practically achievable, leave it. No change is required. I will continue to be guided the way I am right now.

Prithvi Yashashvi said...


Can we develop No Entry Label
for these type of people like Shashank Gaikwad

Prithvi Yashashvi said...

Lagta hai shashank ko RBI ne bada zataka diya hai

Is liye gussa ho raha hai

Shashank Gaikwad said...

Sandip and all others commenting on my post. Request you all to read my comment with an open mind. I have not said anyhthing which spoils the atmosphere here. It is your replies which are spoiling the atmostphere.

I have been a silent observer of this blog and will remian so in future. Cause have understood like many before that butterning is preferred more than any effort to improve the blog.

anmpatel said...

Hello friends
a request to all jems that stop posting your trades here and just discuss technicals only...Do you forgot master's quote: get rich slowly and quietly....??
thank you.

bye have go to work. all the best all.

Parimal said...

you just are trying to vent out your frustration here. so you cannot be taken seriously. please, and please dont waste our time and energy.

buggie advani said...

I think SG has got stuck on the wrong side a trade Feel Sorry for him.. but not his language

chetas said...

Dear Gaikwad,

Though yesterday the movement was fast from 5823, Illango still guided in live time to enter nifty with a strict stop loss of 5820.

Sir, has to keep the SAR dynamic, which keeps changing as the nifty chart pattern evolves.

Even if some one missed the entry at 5825 levels, could have entered at 5845 the first dip, or 5868 levels, which was also pointed out in the live market or the Day JNSAR. Just have a look at yesterday live post , all will be clear

Shradha Saburi said...

Dear Prakashbkc
Sorry for the delay for the answering the post
Yesterday if you check my post in that it was clearly mentioned that
Day JNSAR low was 5827 and nifty made low almost below that level in the spike.
here I could not take trade because it was not possible for me in the volatility, but it gave me signal to but when Nifty Recovered to 5855 5865 belt to buy. it is as per my trade rules.
5855 is the critical level that I am mentioning time to time (spring board level)
nifty jumped to the 5890 level in 5 min.candle.
Today my Day JNSAR High is nifty almost achieved the span of the day channel
so I partly booked. I nifty crosses 5961 and closes then we may have upward journey.
let us see
ref my blog for you

varun kumar said...

@ gaikwad
Jnsar always tell us to initiate two lot when it triggered and book profit at 50 point in first lot and keep the second lot till trend reversal. So if u simply short two lots on 13 dec at Jnsar 5887 and booked 50 point profit as per rule and carried 2nd lot till trend changed. Now trend changed on tuesday at Jnsar 5887 to longest and today also it touched 5936 and 50 point profit booked in one lot and holding 2nd lot till Jnsar reversal. So you already in 100 point profit even the sharp movement of market yesterday. This is the performance of Jnsar.
You said that master guide us to stick with one system always so if one is following only Jnsar, earned the 100 point.
You forget that master also guide us that if there is any major or important reversal during intraday he is.always here to guide us and that thing was done by him yesterday by alerting us at 1108 am comment via indicating low risk high reward stretagy.
So a Jnsar follower is getting this opportunity supported by llango sir that will increase our profit only.
You should believe in Jnsar and if confused with llango sir early indication then follow only Jnsar.
I am sure you will not loose money.

Parimal said...

As i have posted yesterday, Sun Pharma has strong support at 700 (future). CMP 746.

Kranti said...


I feel you have mixed up quite a few things.. It happens..Ilango has always suggested newcomers / people who are not comfortable with TA to stick to JNSAR alone.. that doesnt mean he is following JNSAR only.. He is very experienced man in market to be more dynamic...there are different levels and people follow according to their capacity.. For example one may be very comfortable with MA/ Hi / lo , fibo concepts but not good at waves.. Ilango always said stick to the aspects we are comfortable with and be consistent.. And certainly he is not here to demonstrate profits.. He even refuses to give direct calls.. so no question of the issues you had mentioned.. Trust you understand in the right spirit

Waquar said...

Ilango ji,

An irregular correction happening in 2 mins chart from 5935 correct ?

shriram said...

Morning Master & JN Family..

Ilango ji,

5waves done @ 5939 ?

prakashbkc said...

The next set may have commenced from "5892" or any lows it makes during opening hour.

GM Master,
Is opening hr refer to 10 am or first three hr?

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