Monday, December 17, 2012

Nifty Pre-Market View.

Nifty's correction could continue for some more time, keeping below "5892-5908".
Holding "5825 or 5839" is essential for uptrend to resume.
Hour TA is positioned itself for such a reversal and so is Day TA.



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Today's quote received :

Your greatest power is the power to be …….

To be more loving,
To be more courageous,
To be more joyous,
To be more friendly,
To be more sensitive,
To be more aware,
To be more forgiving,
To be tolerant,
To be humble,
To be more patient,
To be more helpful.

In essence, the power to be a better human being.


Previous 2 days closing was at kissing distance
away from JNSAR.Bing W T/A Momentum Up (>5EMAH)
As opinion, JNSAR minimises chances of Whispaw if
hits as it is constructed on D T/F.
Yesterday was Insde Day.Good for trading only if
it extends or breaks outside else chop.
JNSAR has nothing to do with Inside day I have
no observation of its behaviour on that.

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BhartiAirtel under lot of pressure. it could not be lifted despite FDI Bill. more downside is possible. indicators are quite weak.

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