Friday, December 28, 2012

Nifty Intraday Update-II


Ostrichtrader said...

Sir, although you are against the concept of calls in the market......can there not be a colour code somewhere here......which tells us whether your current position in the market is Green or Red...........only that much.....I mean most of the time we traders look like 2 headed Hydra ...looking both north and south

Ilango said...

@ Ostrichtrader,

Following is the reason for suggesting "Sell on rises" in Pre-Mkt:

Last week's close signaled a "Sell on rise" in week T/F.
And "intra-week", Nifty rose closer to the highs and offered that opportunity yesterday.
This new signal "slipped out of an objective mind".
And now the day T/F has not only closed below HEma but also below DEma. As the ranges narrow down, whipsaws would be many in the signals.

The triangle resistance is @ 5912.
73.6% & 80% of the fall from 5931 to 5865 is @ "5914 & 5918".

These are observations from which you must make your trading plan.

Trade smart with Supports and Resistances till the range is resolved.

Atharva said...

Good after noon Master @ all blog mates : BN already trading below PSC..@ PSL..NS is still holding ..

Ostrichtrader said...

Operator is watching Dabangg 2...........respooling Favicol song........

Piyush Sharda said...


in 30 min chart that bar is maribozu in 10-10.30 bar. if low of bullish maribozu breaks its bearish

posted a query abt nf/ns for u

prakashbkc said...


In fibo table, it should be 5865 to 5910(today high)?

Also, as USDINR is falling today, does it indicate nifty will rise as both are inversly related. Any currency expert here kindly give ur view please?

Raghavendra said...

Dear Ostrichtrader,

Illango sir provides that view in "Trade table" in everyday's premarket view with different methods.
1. Conservative ( with STLP ) accordingly Sir was long yesterday @5930 NF with STLP at 5840 Spot.
2. Aggressive..mostly for intraday trades.
3. JNSAR based trading.

At critical juncture during the day..sir just provides updates for knowledge sharing.


Ostrichtrader said...

tx.Raghavendra for the brief...:)

Suraj said...

Good Afternoon Ilango Sir & Seniors

I couldn't mark my presence due to internet problem

Ostrichtrader said...

the speed of the fall is not encouraging for the Bears.................i miss those 100 point down days.....I dare you Mr.Operator....gira ke dikha !!!!!!!

jayrang patel said...

ilango sir can i buy 5800 put and 6000 call to get breakout of triangle

Hitendra said...

Dear Sir,

ur call on for Wipro pl.

if someone tracking, pl update.
thnx in advance.

Ostrichtrader said...

Knock Knock!

Who’s there?


Venice who?

Venice the market falling?

suresh said...

sir ji,
if spot is<5dema but future is > 5dema or even > 5d-hema of the same stock/index:
pl advice course of action to be taken.

suresh said...

e.g at present it applies to banknifty(s)
and banknifty(f)

Raghavendra said...


Am still a learner...but below is my analysis with help of moving averages (5,21,34 day TF), RSI and Faster retracement, patterns.
1. Short term : Move from 390 to 366 took 6 days and move from 366 to 391 (Dec 20th) took 3 days. Its a faster retracement implying trend reversal to upward direction.
2. All moving averages are perfectly aligned 5, 21,34,89. in descending order...supports are at 384,379,376 for buying opportunities.
3. Ascending traingle pattern : 391-377 = 14 points, amove above 390 will take to 404 (390+14).
4. Medium to long term : Seemingly a large inverse head and shoulder pattern...a break and close above 400 with volumes will take the stock to 450+...

Parimal ji can add more to this.


saz said...

Dinesh Rishi said...

April 23, 2011 8:16 PM
I dont know what to say for this DR's wish....its everybody's prayer....
thanks DR sir its awesome quote i ever read....

Hitendra said...

Thnxs Raghvendra.

Wish view of Parimalji.

Hitendra said...

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Parimal said...

Thank you Hitendra and Raghavendra
NF is still above 5DEMA. 10DSMA is trying to crossover 20DSMA. Day BB has narrowed very much, reflecting low VIX level. We should wait for resolution of 5900 level.

Hitendra said...


is nf view applicable to Wipro?

i need ur view for Wipro.


Parimal said...

for last four sessions Wipro is holding above 200DMA, a significant level. seems some good upside coming. it may be due to some little respite in USDINR rate, INR gains a little.

Parimal said...

Tata Steel struggled almost for 2 months to go above 200DMA. once above this line, it is ruling strong. same may be the case of Wipro also.

anmpatel said...

tatasteel 200DMA is 412-413, now what??

Hitendra said...


is any other stock that is above but near to 200dma?

Parimal said...

Bharti 200DMA is around 300, CMP 317.

Parimal said...

Tata Steel (future) is 427, holding above 200DMA for last nine sessions.

Hitendra said...

found the link.

anmpatel said...

ok, i was telling spot price 200 DMA.

Parimal said...

In an ideal condition, if Tata Steel makes a Reflex Point (a correction from the present level), then 3rd wave may take it to greater height.

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