Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nifty Intraday Update-II


shivanGupta said...

few days back you said when in trading mode we look at lead indicator for OB/OS so now as we are in up mode in daily so which indicator to look at for OB/OS.

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 1:00PM, VAH:5920, POC-5879, VAL-5839, WPOC:5931, Pivot:5906, VWAP:5949

The PE writers still in command for the day, Nifty is consolidating within a narrow range, 5920 NF is important…

Thanks & Regards

anmpatel said...

@dear master
TT is not updated.

Shradha Saburi said...

Dear parminderji
mail sent

Ilango said...

1.00PM TT & Chart updated.

STOCK4SURE said...

This type of dips are generally made to increase prem in nf
with falling nifty spot prices nf will not fall in same range but with rise in ns prices nf will overtake it and prem may go up again towards 30-34 pts near eod(if nifty moves up)

Indus said...


The 50% fibo retrace and DHEMA are strong supports...a possible reentry point for the next wave up?

Jd Patel said...

see the following period:11/7 to24/7/11,1/6 to 13/6 /2011,14/2 to 22/3/2011,4/9 to 20/9/2011,2/4 to 19/4/2012,8/10to31/10/2012 -10ema in middale of 5ema highand 5ema low,see almost every day or altranetday sar trigger and we lost 20/30point stoploss + brokarage.

The_Unprejudiced_Observer said...

@ JD Patel
Thanks for sharing this. But if your method is followed, then is it that the signal will come late and hence loss of points with those signals?

Jd Patel said...

one more tool to recognise the same when 10ema close and 5ema close come near and become horizonatal it signify range bound market and trend following is not give also confirm by 9adx its go below 25

Ilango said...

@ shivanGupta,

In a trending phase, only divergences could show exhaustion. If the trend is strong, the divergences may not result in sustainable correction, instead shallow correction happens.

Jd Patel said...

The Unprejudiced Observer:
when you see inchart 10ema come between 5 hema line then on first trigger square your positional trade and go sort at 5ema high and go long at 5ema low.or near support go long and go short at resistance with small stop-loss.

Ilango said...

@ Indus,

If bullish & to breach 5939, it should hold 5910(61.8% of last rise);

If fails, it would mean, it is correcting the entire rise from 5823 to 5939 which would mean lows below 5900.(Refer Fibo.table)

rajapvt said...

@Ilango: Do you mean the "it is correcting the entire rise from 5823 to 5939" it retrace to 5823 or just below 5900 somewhere 5888?

Ilango said...

@ rajapvt,

If stops @ 5910, I would assume it as a correction for the 5892 to 5939 rise.

If moves below 5910, I would presume that it is correcting the 5823 to 5939 rise for which the retracement would be "5881-95(38%-50%)".

marketrider said...

@ilango sir,

u said 61.8 % for 5892 to 5939 rise after that
u took "5881-95(38%-50%)" some times u take 80% .

sir, my question about fibo. no.

any cretaria for correction stops diff. fibo. no.

it confuses me most of the time

with thanks

J.R.Julius said...

Live PA Signal - 19-12-2012
Posted in JN Groups

J.R.Julius said...

*PA Signal - Price Action Signals

Candle Based - Not a Call/Tip

Strategy to Understand Price Action.

SAM said...

@ market rider,
The most common retracement level for wave 2, b and X is .50 and ,618 of previous wave and for wave 4 it is .382 of prior wave 3

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