Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nifty Intraday Update-I


J.R.Julius said...

Yesterday NR7 Setup formed in Nifty Spot.
Key Levels 5940 & 5910.

30 Mins ORB 5940 & 5905
Camarilla H4@5945 - L4@5914

can be considered from now.

prakashbkc said...


GM Master,

Why Sell on rise as nifty closes above DHEMA yesterday not below it?
December 20, 2012 9:47 AM

suresh said...

sir ji,
good morning.
ns-c=5929.6 & 5h-ema=5915:pl let me know how daily trend is dn wrt daily ema's
December 20, 2012 8:14 AM

Shradha Saburi said...

J10SAR crossed Day JNSAR
just for the reference

Ilango said...

@ prakashbkc,

The suggestions need not be based solely on "emas".

There are other considerations such as price structure as seen in "EW".

And it has resulted in a 29 point fall again @ open.

Now, this range is crucial and there could be whipsaws too.

More time spent here would weaken the ST bullisness. However, as long as prices remain above 21/34 hr smas, the hope for bulls remain.

Ilango said...

@ suresh,

Daily trend is "UP" as long as it closes above 5DEma. There is no change in that.

The error was corrected in the table.

Satish said...

Fast moving average (j10sar) is poised to cross slow moving averag(jnsar),is it golden crossover?

prakashbkc said...

Thanx master for reply

Master how u compare time spent Is it compared last rise time or compared with fall time?

Shradha Saburi said...

If prices are in agreement with the this cross over then prices should keep DAY TA UP at the EOD.
If prices cross over the DAY JNSAR now then it may result in to fast selling.
so Do not miss the Day JNSAR in short
Nifty prices should close below Week JNSAR high (conditions apply)for this week.
Next week Week JNSAR high will be 5900 (approx)
let us see the How Nifty deals with it.
This is just my observation.

vicky said...

I am trading selective stocks using JNSAR

How many points should I use for SL for stocks?
Is there any other rules to follow. Awaiting for your valuable reply.

Shradha Saburi said...

Bye friends
see you again EOD

garaga suresh said...

yes it too fast
comeing bad wave

garaga suresh said...

mr.illango sir its c wave?

ITradeForProfit Daily said...

ADX turns from buy to sell and the signal is strong. Master may cast more light on this.

Prithvi Yashashvi said...


Trendline support value??

Arun v said...

Next may be new high above 5939 (it's too bullish)

Prithvi Yashashvi said...

JNsar players,

Ready for short..

ITradeForProfit Daily said...

ND Sir's ATR site

Breakdown occurred below 5884.8

Breakdown target : 5853.6

SL for short positions : 5937.60

rajapvt said...

Low is 5881.95, 5 paise below JNSAR. Can we consider as whipsaw?

Parimal said...

Dear Arun v
please present rationale

Ilango said...

Nifty @ Pre-Mkts 5881.

Deeper falls below it likely.

Resisted @ 5925 & fell.

Trendline @ 5870 approx.

Parimal said...

Modi wins in Maninagar

Arun v said...

Re posting..
Yesterday posted, why Nifty kept a small gap between 5906-5910, Answer- that is a signal, and we should consider such signals (still that is not filled completely) another one is Todays's new high above 5939 is still not registered, hope that we will get answers today itself.
December 20, 2012 10:19 AM
Masters retracement to 5881 done

Ilango said...

11.00AM TT & Chart Updated.

Atharva said...

Good morning to All : today is the 5th day tracking MR. Julius intra trades based on TC XL file as posted in group: sell below 5919.65 tgts 5904/ 5890/5882.. all tgts met.. too early to comment suits to me for my intra khujli...

vicky said...

I am trading selective stocks using JNSAR

How many points should I use for SL for stocks?
Is there any other rules to follow. Awaiting for your valuable reply.

STOCK4SURE said...

a WW pattern develping in ns 5 min 5 day charts
may take supp in 5880-5874 range to form pt 4
may move up near 5970-80 range tomm to form pt5
and then may dip towards 5860 on monday

Ilango sir,
or shriram sir
does it match with any wave structure??????????????

Prithvi Yashashvi said...

5870 trendline + Jnsar short wow

ab to 200 point milenge hi

STOCK4SURE said...

Is Gujarat Poll
taking its toll

satheesh said...

Namaste Ilango sir and all,

S4S, can you please mention the coordinates of 1,2,3,4 of the WW

J.R.Julius said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
amber said...

Sir ILango ji how it can be known that it resisted at 5925 thnx

suresh said...

sir ji,
w5-ema c/h/l to be cal on friday's eod and to
be considered for the full next week or
to recalculate on wed(mid week)
need your clarification , pl

satheesh said...

S4S, your values matches with sir's Green marking on the chart

Indus said...


Following pre-market is taken at 5881...Would the premarket "buy on dips" me applicable now with 5855 as SL???

Trendline support as indicated by you is at 5870 and could dip some points below...therefore the 5855 SL

rk said...

looks like 5th of 'c' of 2nd wave completed as an ED with typical whipsaw with jnsar...many times i used this as jnsar short & trapped. lets see what happens this time!

Prithvi Yashashvi said...

JNSar Hit but Market Not down

Ilango said...

Nifty Pre-Market View:
The first consolidation took 29 points. As long as 5900 or 5881 is held, the current uptrend could be said to be safe to make new highs.
5th could be an impulsive move or a wedge like one(ED).
Take caution while in 5th; keep tsl.


If 5881 is held or the TL @ 5867-75 is held, bulls could still attempt for new highs.

Having shown weakness, if prices move past 5925, it would be an indication for more strength.

J.R.Julius said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Parimal said...

Hi Satheesh
looking forward to your resuming in Jan 13.
all the best

Ilango said...

@ vicky,

I do not trade stocks.

It depends on their values & volatility.

For Nifty, we keep always a SL of 20 approx. unless any other compelling reasons.

You have to find the same for individual stocks. Making a tech.table for stocks that you wish to trade in would make your search for a SL easier.

We have about 6 stock files in JN Group and the same can be modified to suit your stock of your choice.

ITradeForProfit Daily said...

@Julius Sir,

The Nishat excel file works no more now as NSE has changed the urls it used to scrape data from.

Ilango said...

Since the "Sharp intraday fall" started from "5916"

and opeing low was "5908" ,

"Intraday strength" would depend on "5908-16".

STOCK4SURE said...

14th dec high(pt1)
18th dec lows(pt2)
19th dec high(pt3)
20th dec lows(pt4) near below 5856
at/below 5856 if ns dips then lines will become parallel or diverge instead of converging as in WW pattern

nath said...

6500 put dec 2013 at 530. any takers

satheesh said...

Hi Parimal :)

Thanks S4S I was able to mark it - a perfect channel.

J.R.Julius said...

@ITradeForProfit Daily ,
Ok.... ok - Then Mr.Atharva may talked about Toby Crabel. :)

Parimal said...

TataMotors, TataSteel, SBI are ruling firm above their long term level of 200 DMA.

Arun v said...

Next resistance for NF will be 5926, and 5943

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