Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nifty Intraday Update-I


J.R.Julius said...
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discipline focus said...


Master need some clarification, you know I don't torment you with questions normally :)
just couldn't understand when you said Hour and day TA being oversold, as
9-hr RSI, is at 54.5, and
10 day RSI- 46.6

None of them is hovering near 20, and both the specification for hour and day (9hr,10 day), I use are learnt from your blog only. have you changed the RSI specification

or there is some missing part....I am avoiding..

kindly complete the picture, so tweaking could be done if required


DZIRE said...

Namaste Ilango Sir & all members.

Smita said...

Good Morning Sir and JN Family !

Ilango said...

@ discipline focus,

During the trading range, "Lead Indicator(Stochastics)" reveals the oversold conditions.

Hour & Day stochastics are in "oversold" zone.

Yesterday the hourly spread narrowed down as the day progressed to a low of 8 points,


today, the first hour has started with a 12 points spread.

Expansion is closeby.

shriram said...

Morning Master & JN Family,

one Possible EW option is a ABC ZZ in play from 5965 , with B now UP..

a 5965 5839 -126
b.a 5839 5886 47 -37.3%
b.b 5886 5848 -38 -80.9%

B.c has a tgt of 5895 (also the Dev DhiEMA)
b.c 5848 5895 47 100.0% **

If DhI resists, we may see a slip to 5750-60 zone vide c, as
c 5895 5769 -126 100.0%

View is invalid > 5911

Have a nice day :-)

wallacebaba said...

GM Blog mates,

If RBI cuts rate, then does it means +ve for Nifty and -ve for BN?

Please enlighten especially in view of JNSAR being in Short mode and BN SAR in Long


vksoni said...

ilango sir,
is it rounding top in hour chart ?

CDG said...

I am trailing both 14D and 14RSI. 14D has triggered earlier and constantly droping and at 5870 close it is around 67 (i.e. still not reached 50 for a possible reversal).
14RSI has also triggered and at the above close it is around 70.

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 11:00AM, VAH:5900, POC-5894, VAL-5888, WVAL:5897, Pivot:5893, VWAP:5897

Evenly matched before the RBI policy, can see big move after policy decision…

Thanks & Regards

varun kumar said...

@JN mates
Pls tell me announcement timing of rbi.

charan prasad said...

Dear Sanjay there is huge addition in 6000ce, has 6000 level become wall?

Dinesh Rishi said...


no change

jay shah said...

rbi leave everyhing unchanged market nosedives

ITradeForProfit Daily said...

40 points difference between Nifty Dec Futures on NSE (5855 now) and SGX Nifty (5895 now)

Ilango said...

Pre-Market View:

Hour & Day TA is highly oversold & Week & Month TA is "UP".
So, you follow the major trend with a low risk-High reward entry with a small SL.
"5848" hasn't been broken yet. If it does, there are 5824(Wk.S1) & 5830(5WSma).

The low risk-High reward entry is "Here" @ 5824-30 zone with 5820 as SL..

cooldent said...

As sir has told many many times before

when the number flashes on the screen ACT!!

Parimal said...

RBI (unchanged stand) does not surprise the market any more. unless inflation rate comes down and budget deficit is mitigated, RBI will not do any cut, no matter how much Chimbaram grumbles.

Nilesh Patil said...

Tkhat should be follow

Yash and Dhan said...

@ Cooldent Sir,
Very true but I dont know why my observation is that to buy at ND sirs ATR fear usually grips more.
Though these levels are so good buying on ATR buy signal is really challenging.

Hitendra said...

BN recovered completely from 12212 , now on 12340 in 15 mins ... but will it hold?

cooldent said...

Yash and Dhan

Isnt that what drives the market?

Fear and Greed!!

prakashbkc said...

GM Master,

Any view on BN. As 12240 broken intraday

CDG said...

5854 is 12EMA. Currently resisting here. How long?

Ilango said...

Nifty being resisted @ 5855... a pause if it holds above 5830-36 zone and moves higher.

Arif said...


5 waves from bottom.
Does it make bottom in place?

SANPOT said...

Sir Nifty taken support at S-2 and also the ATR buy zone from 5827. Sensex up by 120 points from the day's low. Bulls like the Bad news.

Prithvi Yashashvi said...

Ratan Tata Fire,

Lagta Hai Unchanged Repo rate se Tata ko aur Mistry ko profit hua hai

Ilango said...

@ Arif,

It need not be as even a "zigzag" correction starts with an impulsive 5 waves.

However, we considered 5825-28 zone as an important support zone for this uptrend and when the prices reached there, the technicals of shorter duration was "highly oversold" with positive divergences.

So, we attempt a "long" considering the larger T/F being in UPtrend and a low risk profile.

Nifty needs to move past day's high-5883 & 5886 initially and then move past two other key resistances..."5905 & 5937".

Arif said...

Thanks Ilangoji for the clarification.

Prithvi Yashashvi said...

MACD and STOCH didn't given negative divergence at 11.00 am

J.R.Julius said...

Today Price Action Signal posted in JN group for observation purpose.

anmpatel said...

can anybody help about free charts like google but have live tick in hrly or 30min time frame? we need to refresh google chart every time and live tick only in 2min t/f.

Prithvi Yashashvi said...


Harry Potter ki duniya me aapka swagat hai.

Stockathon said...


Try installing below app in google chrome, it will auto refresh the page.


anmpatel said...

i have the autorefresh button in chrome, i need some real time tick in 30min or 1 hr candle, means we can see candle forming live with changing averages etc.

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