Friday, December 14, 2012

Nifty Intraday Update-I


Sai Bhakt said...

NF premium increasing, now around 35

J.R.Julius said...

Good Morning Master Mr.Illango, Master Mr.Dinesh Rishi & Blogmates. Have a Happy & Prosperous Day. ♥

✰✰✰ Nifty Spot Intraday Numbers ✰✰✰
↑ Buy Zone/Upside : 5962-5981-6001-6020-6039-6059
↓ Sell Zone/Downside : 5839-5820-5801-5782-5763-5744

Intraday Numbers based on 30 Minutes ORB - Levels Clustered using Gann angles for Trailing & Part Booking easily. Stoploss 20pts or swing sup/res in 5 minutes chart. Personal Decision Advised.

Ilango said...

Closer to the support zone for "Intraday players".

suresh said...

sir ji,
if wave 4 exceeds 0.5 of wave 3,
then can v consider that wave 5 can be a failure

Sai Bhakt said...

Is the inflation data at 11?

Sai Bhakt said...

like 11th and 13th today also nifty has given a double bottom pattern, small one. earlier on 2 occassions it failed

DZIRE said...

Namaste Ilango Sir & all members.

ITradeForProfit Daily said...

yeh 5900pe 63 mein aata kyun nahi???

Piyush Sharda said...

123 setup in macd gave a sell below 5865 sl 5925 target 5805

VijaVikas said...

ilango sir yor znsar tradetable is supervd
no single error
no single unfortunate mistake
no single sl hit
but i can also make th table of thousand of points for a month! why me ? any trader can make th table like this
bcoz we will prepair it after end of market nd show next day pre market (whn sgx,other market nd new conditions gives th new signals)
nd afterthat we will saying inocently


Gita said...


Try doing it for 5 years...everyday.

Sai Bhakt said...

Ilango sir,
broadening top means consolidation at top?

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 11:00AM, VAH:5939, POC-5930, VAL-5886, WVAL:5912, Pivot:5894, VWAP:5881

The PE writers making sure that 5800 Level is held for this expiry with huge addition of more than 5.08 lacs till now, not much writing in any other strike price seen till now…

Thanks & Regards

Sai Bhakt said...

breach of which levels will signal strength/weakness?

Sai Bhakt said...

Sanjay bhai,
5912 mentioned as important level for week, is it for this week or next?

VijaVikas said...

sir ilango pl d'nt mind
i hav no doubt on yor studies nd knowledge but in this stock market no single error is n't believable
i d'nt want to make th profit on yor livecalls i just want pl include it in live market f or one or half month or only 1week to clear my doubts

Praveen Kumar said...

@VijaVikas..JNSAR no not drived by sgx nifty or any other clue...u can ask master for tom.JNSAR today itself after 2.30...or exact figure @3.30.

Praveen Kumar said...

@VijaVikas...jnsar also given so many whipshaw in intraday...but managed by SL.

rajiv malik said...

gm master and friends,

Nifty has become like real estate property. Doesn't move.

Ilango said...

@ Sai Bhakt ,

Broadening Top could be a consolidation or a distribution too.

Holding above 5825-28 or 5807, we'll treat it as consolidation. Consolidation doesn't reach the bottom in its last fall generally.

Sai Bhakt said...

Thank you sir.
sir, when JNSAR is down then chances of it being distribution are more?

Sai Bhakt said...

Dear friends,
can anyone update at what time inflation numbers will be issued?

bharathi said...

Time & again ...some babaloooo comes and posts some misleading comments. Sad that u have added urself to that list.

Though Ilango ji has advised not to respond to such posts...still I want to say few words-
"Bless all those ill souls".

Sai Bhakt said...

Triple bottom type formation, small one, in nifty intraday 5 minute chart.

Waquar said...

ilango ji,

Can this be a probability:
W1 finished at 5843; W2- is on as a running correction and W3-Will unfold the moment inflation data is released....

maninder said...

Master , sorry to bother u but what do u mean by

Consolidation doesn't reach the bottom in its last fall generally.
pls guide unable to interpret.

STOCK4SURE said...

its silence(lull) be4 the storm
events :
banking bill to be passed in LS today
inflation nos. to be released
whether it will be sone pe suhaga
karela upar neem chada
time will tell
considering either days low or high have been made than 100pt intraday may give trgts of 5935-or 5765

Sai Bhakt said...

FII's selling futures, options but buying huge in cash. why?

Sai Bhakt said...

Hello S4S sir,
any WW pattern developing?

Ilango said...

@ VijaVikas ,

As long as you have disbelief, you'll never be able to trade a study...

I too asked "GOD" few years ago,

"Just show yourself to me one moment...just a fleeting moment is enough, then I'll start believing in you.... please clear my doubt..."

And I'm still waiting...

If you are genuinely interested, ignore my trade table; Trade based on the JNSAR number or J10SAR number after thoroughly understanding the mechanical concept.

Know this:

To succeed in any field, "belief" is the most basic ingredient.

An average student can never believe the rank holder securing "centum" in almost all subjects.
Market is also governed by certain studies.

And our JNSAR table also have had few bruises along the way but not in this month, thanks to our continuous inputs from readers such as "The JNSAR trade after a big trade generally whipsaws" (Thanks to Anuj Joshi".)

Your outburst is because of "frustrations" of your own inability to "FOLLOW". Accept your deficiencies and start working in full earnest.

I can only "Wish you all the best".

maninder said...

Master , sorry to bother u but what do u mean by

Consolidation doesn't reach the bottom in its last fall generally.
pls guide unable to interpret.

SJkolkata said...

Sai Bhakt,
Simple Arbitrage cause of high IVs.
retail public getting into futures giving good returns in arbitrage.
Stock IVs are anywhere between 20-30%

Sujatha said...

GM sir and all :)


""Don’t bother about people who judge you without knowing you..REMEMBER dogs bark if they don’t know the person.""

Yash and Dhan said...

@ Sir,
I just love these statements that you post so effortlessly.

chetas said...

Dear Vijavikas,

Ya True, I also had the same doubt. Sir, updates the Trade table the next day morning, not in the same evening . Would it not be proper for him to update the JNSAR trade in the evening, so that it is reliable. otherwise I can also show 1000pts

If you wonder whether I am having this thought process, then sorry friend , not any more. lets look at it this way.

If you are Long , would you disclose your position along with target and SL, to the Algos and others when the India is closed, but SGx trades. I will not, so I can understand sir not updating it, May be he has other reasonable reasons for not updating ...

just the live wisdom he shares during the market is enough proof for all of us, I would do not doubt him even in my dreams.

This trust came to me after listening to him with open mind , just sharing my views no offence

Ilango said...

@ Waquar,

Till stability returns to firstly to Hour TA & then to Day TA, such a possibility exists.

However, FII's continued buying everyday should not be forgotten;
5800PE having second highest OI;
Channel bottom of the first two lows holding presently;

Parminder said...

Master ,
Superb Quote
To succeed in any field, "belief" is the most basic ingredient.

Ilango said...

@ maninder,

Observe in the chart how the prices reversed "midway" - that is consolidation.

Parimal said...

China's Shanghai Composite surges 4.4 pct, hits 4-month high

Ilango said...

@ Parminder,

My father always told me....

"If he/she can do it, you can also do it".

And Swami Vivekananda is fond of saying that

"Everyone is given a same set of brains. Some make efforts to unearth the hidden potential and many give up or not even attempt".

And I say:

If you're hungry, you'll always find your food.

Ilango said...

Was that difficult for "Intraday players" to buy closer to the support.

Many readers commented on it. And if they have believed in their own wisdom, they are richer.

And that is believing.

Prabha Gopalkrishna said...

Master one day my kids will be posting all your quotes as status somewhere...ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT...

Sai Bhakt said...

BN has gone too far from JNSAR, i thought it will hit it today or monday before rbi meet to support nifty.

Indus said...


For conservative traders, can we assume "sell on rises" ????

Ilango said...

Above 5874(ist wave bottom), it turns bullish.


Parminder said...

Master, we believe in ur studies and the way u teach /guide throughout the day only with love and regards inspite of somebody one day or another comes and Brags


Kranti said...

@ VijaVikas

Just to share I too had so many failures and its continuing because i just didnt believe the system..Oflate i am beginning to see my own irrational fears only played spoil sport..Just asn an example just take a look at monthly charts from 1995.. its all pure technicals , supports , resistances.. and nothing different has happened

i have not succeeded so far.. But i feel Ilango has put a strong foundation in me which will start producing results

I went back and checked a post by him how we handle a ' corrective phase ' .. I was beating my head for not believing and following..

I am more focused on Ilango's control and disciplne and how he keeps following without predicting.. and how his system tracked the movement in Nifty so closely.. ultimately thats good enough for me and it gives me enormous confident that Trading systematically is possible..

Sai Bhakt said...

Good fall in 5900 PE but OI not increasing much.
Good rise in 5900 CE but OI not decreasing much.

Ilango said...

@ Indus,

Conservative traders would have "part booked" closer to 5835 when I posted.

Nifty hasn't breached 5874.40, the "i"st wave bottom. Hence, on a fall towards lows, conservative trader could part book again and even attempt reversing their positions keeping 5820 as SL.

JNSAR Traders should follow its own guidelines.

rajapvt said...

@Ilango: Trail to cost price? Please advice.

Parminder said...

Thanks Master for the broadening top explanation

Guru Krishnan said...

@Sai Bhakt,

What is the inference for this

Good fall in 5900 PE but OI not increasing much.
Good rise in 5900 CE but OI not decreasing much.

SANPOT said...

Sir Nifty spot has made a double bottom on 60 min chart at 5839 levels.

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