Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Nifty Intraday Update-I


shriram said...

GM master & JN Family,

--> Ilango ji, as per rev GREEN LABLE

TREND Exhaustion near 5980-90 ?


Suraj said...

Good Morning Ilango Sir and JN Seniors & Friends

Indus said...


Breakout above 5950....can we infer a larger upmove above 6014?

DZIRE said...

Namaste Ilango Sir & all members.

Smita said...

Good Morning Sir and JNfamliy ,

-ve divergence getting prominent in hour charts and 30 mins charts ..

SAM said...

Dear numachar bro,

Got a link where I can buy for my iPad ... Planning to buy it

Once again thanks a ton for help ... Thanks :)

Ilango said...

A min. target could be 5888+90(5638-5548)=5978 which is the 80% -5977.

Any retrace below 61.8% & 80% would be the first signal of reversal.

shriram said...

Tks Ilango ji,

If we see the Bull Flag from 5549
its T1: 5549 + flag width = 5983 ,

tallies ruffly...rgds

sudharsan said...

Tatamotor still in corrective mode??? Master and seniors pls guide

Shradha Saburi said...

thanks Shriram
always senses move first!

SANPOT said...

Good Morning Ilango Sir and blogmates.

Atharva said...

Master : retrace for weakness shld be from 5892 to 5965 is my understanding correct??

kaushal said...

good morning to all

Ilango said...

Having moved past R2-5938(also 38% retrace of 5888 to 5965) and R3-5955, breaking R2-5938 would be a sign of weakness.

Fire said...
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Atharva said...

Numchar : Sir pls forward it to me : alternateideas@gmail.com

kaushal said...

Last week high - 5950 Low - 5839 - 0.618% - 5908 above 5908 we can see next tg - 5980 - 6019 ?? pls guide

prakashbkc said...

GM Fire sir,
Any view on USDINR ? Long time to see on this blog

Parminder said...

Hi numchar,
kindly mail it to my id also or the best part is on JUST NIFTY group.

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 11:00AM, VAH:5947, POC-5939, VAL-5931, WPOC:5946, Pivot:5940, R3:5988, VWAP:5986

After 2 days of consolidation, PE writers are on steroids, with huge addition at 5900-6000 level, so 5900 is ultimately sealed by the Bulls for the time being….

Thanks & Regards

Venky said...
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Manish said...

Goodmorning Master and all JN friends,

Just for sharing and information for master.


STOCK4SURE said...

5938 protected as of now

Fire said...


USDINR is at a very interesting juncture right now. It is currently moving in the middle third of the long term range and just tested a major support last week. So a sustained move below 54.15 could open the door to around 52.50, below which more lows.

The trend remains down with the major players looking like holding their shorts firmly till now.

anmpatel said...

as you said from 6339-4531 is like a 3 wave structure, if nifty cross 80%-5977 then will there is a need to change long term EW lables?? like last A(5629), B(4770), C(running from 4770) to new bull run 1,2 and 3 running? hope u can understand what i am trying to ask?

Shradha Saburi said...

Dear Prakashbkcji
I use
and for 5 min chart of usd inr chart
add ichimoku indicator
see below the cloud and above the cloud
you will get idea.
also you will get support and resistance

if you do not get idea mail me. always take your view first and confirm with colleagues.
if you are already doing this then discard it.
many many regards

Manish said...

@ Numchar

Will you be posting the same in Just Nifty group ???

Fire said...


I am still a frequent visitor here as I continue to learn from Master & you all. Just yesterday I was re-reading "Always start with these" and again got some ideas.

I don't comment much here as I really don't have anything really meaningful to add to this University. I try to learn silently here. :D

Sai Bhakt said...

dear sir,
does it still look a 90-100 point day if it does not break 5938, can we buy here keeping 5938 sl.
pls advice.

Sai Bhakt said...

dear friends,
can anyone please give ATR levels, what is the sl if bought at 5955?
thnks in advance

anmpatel said...

@Sai Bhakt
for daily ATR level
check this


prakashbkc said...

Thanx Fire sir,

One more query if USDINR has targetof 52.5 then Nifty target ?

thanx Shardhaji for providing link

shriram said...

Ilango ji,

ED from 5839 looking Do-able now to u, sir?


Sai Bhakt said...

Thank you anmpatel sir,
i bought small quantity at 5955 should i keep 5862 as sl or should i sell as it is in sell zone. have seen atr working but first time trade taken

Sai Bhakt said...

Dear stock4sure sir,
why 6000 call not shedding OI, ideally it should as it is a breakout day, we jumped previous high and making new high. is it a false breakout, JNsar also supporting breakout direction.
please reply.
thank you

Sai Bhakt said...

also do you have any ww pattern for upside or downside

rajapvt said...

Clap!!! Clap!!! Clap!!! Fire is a good student. Clap!!! Clap!!! Clap!!!

anmpatel said...

@Sai Bhakt
i would advice as master said weakness below 5938. it also match with 20point SL 5935. buy near support area as describe by master by green circles. choice is yours, i am not master.

anmpatel said...

5936 is this hour HAopen value. must be protected to further upmove today...

Sai Bhakt said...

thanks anmpatel sir,
5938 supporting, i think nifty has made double bottom small one here for day, 6000 ce oi only prob

Sai Bhakt said...

s4s sir, sanjay bhai, can you please suggest about high OI in 6000 call
thanks a lot

N Ram said...

5940 is the level to watch for the day.>5940 retest of 5965-5977 <5940, 5923-5900

Prithvi Yashashvi said...


Thanks for invitation

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